Red + Orange | Fall Colors

red is my favorite color this time of year and it meshes well with orange no matter what your style is! lately it's been rather warm here in NY and i've been sporting my open toed shoes again. might as well get the use out of them before it hits below zero. i've been stepping out in the sunshine and hitting the leaf photos up for our Instagram. If you have yet to join us, click the ad at the very top of the page to jump in. Be sure to link up so we can share your November photos here on le blog!
we're going to post as many photos per day per theme on the blast of photos challenge, get caught up...we'll wait! and have fun. something spicy doesn't have to be food....can be your hot heels, anything!

if anyone has any questions, just ask! we'll be happy to guide you, have a nice week! email us to be featured this week also. Xo


Vapid Vixen said…
So so so happy it's Fall. These pics are great and make me want to snuggle up with my own pup and a coffee.
Chrissy said…
So happy about fall and all the Colors! I cannot get enough of it all! Soaking it all in before it gets too cold and wet out! xxx
Agreed! there can never be too many shots of leaves and pretty trees! coffee and pups are great accessories this time of year! xo

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