Christmas Cactus | How to Rescue Your Plants

I've become very interested this past year in taking care of plants and to be honest, I have rescued a ton with little to no experience. It's really simple and not to be thought of too deeply. My daughters great grandmother gave me two of her dried out Christmas Cactus'. I had never heard of them before nor knew anything about them. They looked neat without the buds and flowers, so I carefully took them out of the small pots they were in and you could tell they hadn't been watered in a very long time.

Now that doesn't mean you cannot bring them back to life, so NEVER throw a plant away thinking it's dead. Save that beauty!!!

1.) The first thing you want to do is give it a new home, A simple transfer of pots will make the plant feel lively already! The proper size for growth is important, so pick a pot that isn't too small or too big.

2.) Feel the roots. If it's dry, water time. Plants don't need a ton of water. Just a little moisture and by little, I mean do not drown your plants. Take a cup and water the plant. All areas should now look moist, NOT SOAKED. It's fine now, you can water again next week or two.

3.) Plants need warmth. I had tested a few areas of the house and placed a cart full of plants in a back hallway where one window had open views of sunlight during the day and warm temps throughout the night. Pretty much where my furnace was but if you can't get a warm small space, put them by a heater and a window for direct sunlight. 69-72 degrees is perfect.

4.) Watch your plant grow and blossom. It only took a few weeks for these ones to bloom after I had properly taken a few steps to save them and they look stunning.

It's rather simple. They just need a little love and someone who cares enough to look at the beauty daily! Enjoy. What's your favorite plant?


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