Going Back in Time | And a Little Blog Encouragement

Once again we wanted to wish you all a warm welcome back to for the love of blogs. It's been a wonderful experience meeting so many bloggers from all over the place and from all different aspects. 

Today, since it's the start of a long weekend, we wanted to bring you back to some posts from back in the day. It's fun to look back on where someone started as a blogger and to see how much they've grown over time. Many are taking breaks from blogging but I have a little trick up my sleeve to get them back:

-Comment on their most recent post and invite them back to do new, fresh posts! Sometimes all a blogger needs is support and encouragement to get motivated to post again and when you leave a new comment on their post it most likely goes to their email, so they will possibly see, read and be inspired once again.

Check Out This Featured Blog and Take a Look at Where she is today! Invite her back since it's been a few months since we last saw a post!

This Blogger Started off With Roots, Wings and Other Things! Take a Peek at What Her Blog is Called Now.

This Lady was always a bright & cheerful soul. Maybe Invite her to start posting again by Visting Her Here.

If you are finding lack of inspiration and want or have given up on blogging, be your own inspiration and go back to where you started. Remember why you wanted a blog and what made you happy about it. Try a new theme or layout, we can help with design and boosting posts. It's always fun to look back and see how much you've grown. A blog is work, be proud of it. Have a good weekend and get featured here again! We'd love to see you.

Want a little more love on your blogs? Leave a comment below and let's take the time to do a Little Comment Love this Weekend! Simply visit everyone who leaves a comment or as many as you can. Xoxo


Vapid Vixen said…
Thanks for the new peeps to check out!

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