How to Get Sponsors on Your Blog

Earlier this week we shared a feature post about how to make money on your blogs, today we're sharing how to get sponsors.
First things first, clean your blog. If you don't have a clean layout, get one. No clutter, not a lot of commotion. Figure out where you want them to be.

Sponsors come in all different sizes, shapes and forms. Typically, have a variety of options that suit your blog needs; such as:

Small, Medium, Large Ads, Sponsored Blog Posts, Sidebar Ads, Below the Blog Post Ads and Above the Header Ads.

If you don't have any current sponsors, grab some for examples. Brands looking to sponsor your blog want to see what an ad will look like on your site, so create some to give them an idea.

Ideally give them the best, the most exposure placing them where they will be seen first as soon as someone clicks on your blog. Sponsors deserve the recognition, after all; they are paying for exposure.

Advertise your package deals on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and All Social Media. They won't know you're looking for sponsors unless you tell them. Mention daily to get their attention. If you want sponsors, you need followers and to gain followers, you must start following those brands/bloggers! So build your relationships on all social media. You can't be shy, put yourself out there!

Offer Deals. Package deals and offers are a great way to get new sponsors. If you're a new blogger, people will still pay a small fee to get noticed because a lot of times people think that small numbers mean nothing when they actually mean a lot. For instance, new bloggers get more attention because they're new! they get a lot of views from the get go once they start letting people know they are a blogger because people are nosy and want to see how fast you'll grow! truthfully! put good posts out there everyday and start offering low costs ads in exchange for your networking. Even free ads will turn into paid ads the more you grow!

Brands will give you merchandise in exchange for a sponsored post. Reach out to product lines you believe in and ask them if they would like to offer a giveaway in exchange for some advertising. Be professional and courteous when emailing people. If they don't want to, move on and don't take it personally.

The best way to get sponsors is to treat your blog like a business. You should not just take anyone's ad just because. You should approve all ads and accept blogs and business partners that you trust and want to do business with. Also, putting yourself out there is connection. Connect and receive!

We offer sponsor me posts here on FTLOB. If you need sponsors, send us a note and we will feature your ad in a post! XOxo


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