The Owl Tattoo

i don't know how many times someone sees my tattoos and tells me they need to get one-YES! you should. this last time, i got my owl. i am a firm believer in spirits and connections and all things powerful, energetic. the owl stood for many things: wealth, wisdom, strength, intuition, amongst other things going on in my life.

getting tattoos is a form of art and personality. if you are hesitating on getting them, really do not and just go get'll thank me later. they're daily reminders of who you are, where you come from and where you are heading! inspiration every single day. who doesn't need that?! xo

what tattoos do you have or want to get?


mary said…
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The government admitted its troops had retreated and the president called for an immediate ceasefire.

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The renewed fighting threatens to end efforts to revive peace talks with the rebels, who belong to the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA).

The group is fighting for the independence of northern Mali.

Control of Kidal was split between the MNLA and the government.

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Fighting began when the Malian army fired rockets on the governor's compound, which had been held by the MNLA since Saturday, she says.

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MNLA official Attaye Ag Mohamed said the situation in the town was calm on Wednesday night.

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