Relaxing Inspiration

After Turkey Day, I'm ready to relax....not shop! and i know i'm not the only one! This past weekend, I took a mini to Florida and although it was a rather quick trip {driving 20 hours straight down from NY and back a couple days later}, I enjoyed every moment and would do a traveling job if I could.
i'm usually really hard on myself and i had to keep saying this because life is sooooo worth seeing. most people only exist, to live is the difficult part-doesn't have to be if you just let it glide. enjoy every moment and sink in the ocean.

when my baby sis and i sat down on the edge to gaze at this view in Clearwater, FL.....we were sitting there but only a few moments when we thought we saw a huge gator at our feet hanging in the water. she rushed up but i [ being the adventurous one ] sat there [ pulled my legs into an indian style ] and wanted to capture the creature. i took so many photos and then realized it was a manatee playing peek a boo. i guess when they sleep, they come up for air quite a bit and that's what he was doing! so pretty
The Video of Him is on Our Insta

remember; take it easy....sometimes when you just sit there, things fall right into place!


Thanks for the awesome post. So true, taking the moments in and just stopping to watch and feel all the wonders around us, it is priceless;

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