Featured Blog: Know it Not so Much

Hi there!

My name is Kari & I write this blog about how I don't really know it all.  It's called Know-It-Not-So-Much.  Originally I started it because I felt like I needed an outlet to talk about how lost and sad I was about our fertility issues.  I think I wrote one post about that and realized that I wasn't ready for that and I wrote little blurbs about books I was reading and whatnot.  I kind of wandered away for a bit and then decided I really wanted to write again.  Really.

So I did.

Now I mostly write about things that drive me crazy.  Like registering my daughter for Kindergarten.  But mostly I post pictures that I take for my 365 Project and reviews on books I read and talk about how great my family is.

Photography by Anna Feccia

Aren't we cute?  And matching too!

I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say 'hi'.  Tell me about your blog too!  I'd love to swing by!  

who designs these blogs?!

hey there pretty faces. i have received some emails asking who designs these most fabulous blogs and would love to have you hear more about her. i'm sure she's not the only one who's designing pretty blogs but she's on top of my list here at FTLOB and she's done so many of our members blog makeovers.

meet Lindsay, the creative lady behind Scenic Glory and Scenic Glory Designs. She's also a partner of ours here at ftlob and a really great person to work with.

her designs are one of a kind, unique and have a vintage feel to them. she also doesn't hesitate when it comes to making her clients happy. she does her best at making each project a rare design. you won't {or shouldn't} see anyone else with your masterpiece.
she also creates the most elegant posts ever. if you have yet to visit her blog, please get comfy. she will make you smile and say, "WOW." the one above is a snapshot of her sponsors. she won't let you go without being noticed. she also hosts a ton of features, so take some time to look around and indulge in a great new blog.

here is a little bit more about her designs and her recent creations

banner one for freckles and fudge - banner two for sweet little somethings - banner three for hani beans

she's also the one who will be designing your shop if you need one. more details here. she will create an amazing header and some buttons for your shop!

a post more about her work and packages will be coming right up! to contact lindsay her email is scenicglory {at} gmail {dot} com

Sponsor Me: Positively Positive

Hey lovelies!
Danielle here from Positively Positive and I would love to have you as a part of my fun blog!

Here are the deals:

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I would love to have you as a part of my blog!

Thirsty Thursday {blog hop}

who's ThIrStY for some more friends and some delicious drinks-----On Da HoUsE
photo via

Welcome, New and Long Time friends. We're so glad to have you this fine Thursday. It's close to the weekend and the beginning of a new month. Time sure flies. Where is this year going to already? I'm stoked to see what the future holds but come on damn it....slow down!

So each Thursday, we grab our favorite drinks, mine happens to be the FAMOUS Amaretto Sours {yummy} - of course I'm not an alcoholic and drinking one right bright and early but i should get down to the abc liquor store and get some sour mix to make it this eve.

While you enjoy your warm coffee, tea or espresso, we can discuss all of the many things going on here! We have some giveaways going on right now that are beyond fabulous. Everyone is welcome to enter. Who knows, you may be our lucky winner.

You can Now Nominate For May Blog of the Month.

The Groups are Looking Fabulous and the Comments Have Been Cleaned. Go Mingle.

Don't miss our really good deals for April Sponsorship. You should browse this site-there are so many things going on! We hope you have a great day....get your drinks on and link up! Enjoy.


Bittersweet Necklace Giveaway {Garden Of Eden}

hello you fabulous people! today we are hosting a very lovely giveaway from the beautiful Victoria, owner of Garden of Eden Designs. She is kindly offering this Bittersweet Necklace to One Lucky Member. Who doesn't love to be showered with pretty creations?! I know I do.

This gorgeous piece of art was made of fabric covered pom poms and knots. The necklace does not untie but measures a good length of 28.5 inches. The designs and colors of The Gardens Jewelry is super whimsical and elegant. Each piece carries it's own unique name-this is after the BITTERSWEET Flower, meaning TRUTH. How pretty is that?

For those dying to fancy this gorgeous piece, you must:

Tell us in a comment below How You Would Wear this Necklace {Mandatory Entry}

extra entries♥
be a proud member of ftlob {1}
be a proud member of the garden's blog {1}
tweet this once a day: #enter this FABULOUS Bittersweet Necklace #giveaway at #FTLOB @thegardendesign http://bit.ly/i476Am Ends 4/3 PL RT

Like the Garden on FB {1}

Every extra entry needs to be a separate comment or it won't count. Leave links to tweets and @ names on FB. Include email addresses if they are NOT on your profiles. We will announce a winner on 4/4. Thanks for playing,....Good Luck.

Winners of Chrissy in America

Ad spaces Goes to:

#29 Emily
#1 Laura
#10 Lindsey
#4 Kasondra

Please get in touch with Chrissy to give her your buttons. She will discuss sizes and more details with you via email at

Congrats to all of our winners! Please DO NOT forget to ENTER the other GIVEAWAYS going on here at ftlob. Have a great day friends.

Oh My Goodness I Forgot the Blog of The Month

where did this month go to anyways......eeeeek! here are the nominees:

The Blog Experiment

Henry Happened

Chasing Davies

Tales of a Hockey Wife


Complex Apple Pie

The Abundant Life

Voting Poll is NOW UP-----GO VOTE!

Featured Blog: ChantillySongs

I am Chantilly, a singer-songwriter turned blogger/ outfit poster. ChantillySongs is where I write. I love it, and have found it's a wonderful platform to express myself!

I studied music composition at Purchase College, where there was an amazing community of artists who are now all doing great things- including Regina Spektor, Dan Deacon, and Langhorne Slim. I started making my album shortly after graduation with friend Danielle Depalma, and spent a year playing shows around the northeast in support of it.

(You can download some of that music for free on my bandcamp page.)
chantilly @ college st. cafe, clinton ny
college st. cafe, clinton, ny
langdon street cafe, vt
langdon st. cafe, montpelier, vt

I am at present recording a new EP with producer Saul Simon Macwilliams- who regularly works with indie greats Jenny Owen Youngs, Gregory and the Hawk, and Chris Garneau, and who is also currently a touring member of Ingrid Michealson's band.

I originally started blogging for a few reasons... I wanted to chronicle my experience making my new EP, and also to have updated content on my website more fequently.
shock mount COMING APART omg
saul putting together a shock mount
shane thor galligan
pots & pans
pots & pans that we made fun sounds with

Another reason I started blogging is that I was a little down in the dumps. I was starting to get fed up with everything- music and life in general. I was telling myself all sorts of negative things. I felt unheard.

Then, I started posting outfits and details about my life. Looking at those pictures, seeing the fact that live in New York City, pursuing something I love made me feel so lucky. It made me realize that none of the bad things I believe about myself are true.

Now I find myself writing about all sorts of things, including jumping into the 30 days of lists project. It's made me feel good to see that people are reading and commenting on what i have to say, even if it's only a handful. But it continues to grow daily, and I'm excited to delve even more into the blogging community!


Thanks for reading! Maybe you'll come jump in and follow the journey with me on my blog, twitter, or youtube. See you around!


Sponsor Me: McCormick Madness

I'm entering the world of sponsorship. Since this is a brand new endeavor for me, I'm offering a cheapy-cheap rate of $10.00 for 6 months.

I will also do a button swap for no fee, if interested.

With this, comes special sponsor features with details about your blog and a link up. I will feature your blog once every month. If you have a giveaway, I will do an AdHoc blip about it when needed.

I accept wide screen buttons 80X300, OR standard buttons 150X150.

Please visit my sponsor tab at the top of my blog if interested. There is a paypal link there.

dlmccormick (at) triad (dot) rr (dot) com

Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday my friends, I hope the week has started off good for you! 

Today we are bringing you some warm comfort foods with a little something extra... like this Roast Chicken with Oranges. We got this recipe from If You Can Make That You Can Make This, an awesome food blog. She has her recipes sorted by savory and sweet so you can find exactly what you need when you have a craving!

I think this delish chicken would go well with a side of broccoli with garlic, don't you? Head on over to Home Sweet and Savory for more amazing recipes.

You know the drill, link up your fabulous Tasty Tuesday posts if you have one but feel free to jump in and join the hop regardless. Get out there, hop around and see what everyone is making. Don't forget to email us if you have a recipe you'd like showcased on Tasty Tuesday!


Holiday Craft Extravaganza {Easter} pre-post

Good Eve friends. We know we've got us some mighty crafty folks here at ftlob and decided to host a Holiday Craft Party for you. Beginning April 1st-April 24th, Easter, we want you to share your Easter/Passover crafts, decorations and/or recipes. This is a great way to show your homes off. We all love to get inspired by your work and your pretty decor and food.

You can link up as many posts that relate as long as you LINK directly to the post. All others will be deleted. The Party will be for each NEW holiday. So this one will run until the End of Easter. To prepare, we thought we'd let everyone know so they could get their posts ready for linking.

Grab a button to remember to come back on the 1st. Remember we want Easter related posts only.


all photos courtesy of we heart it

The Look Book-featuring bows and pearls

welcome to the look book-today's feature is Gertrude from Bows and Pearls

Get Dressed Up, Strut Your Stuff and Take Some Photos

we want to see what you are wearing! it must be you and you must link to the post! thanks enjoy the pretty day friends....to get a featured spot simply leave us a comment to the link of your post and we'll grab the photo for next week!


Simplicity Photography {Photo class giveaway!}

Morning friends! It's the start of another great week and we have a special treat for you!  We all know that beautiful pictures can enhance your blog posts and our very own Faith at Simplicity can help you make the most of your photography!

Meet Faith, a mother of four (with one more on the way!) who loves blogging and taking photographs. She's combined the two and has started teaching online photography courses. I can personally attest to how great her classes are. I took her Basics SLR class and in four short weeks learned to take my camera out of auto! She also offers Simply Basics for people with ANY type of camera. Don't feel like you need a fancy camera to take great pictures. Faith can teach you how to make the best of what you've got! Click HERE for a list of all her online photography classes. You'll be shocked at the prices, her classes are SO affordable and you get personal one on one feedback throughout!

Please visit Faith at either of her blogs and get to know her better. You'll love her photographs and following along with her "mommy diaries" as she calls them. :)

Ok here's the fun part... we are giving away a spot in Faith's next photography class! This class is called Simply Bliss {Basics of Childhood Photography} Here are all the details and class description. This is a new class and I'm really excited about it!

April 4 - 30, 2011
Registration Fee $40
For anyone with any type of camera. Learn to take better photos of children! If you have children in your life, whether they are your own or not, spend a month with me and learn to take better photos of these adorable, but sometimes difficult to photograph subjects! There is something for everyone here - no matter what type of camera you own or what level of skill you are at with your photography I'll teach you tricks on how to photograph children indoors and outdoors, I'll give you pointers on how to set up a great informal portrait and a few hints on how to capture a sweet shot of kiddos in action. We'll stretch our technical knowledge and flex our creative muscles. Every assignment photo you submit will receive personal attention and a helpful comment from me - as well as encouragement from other class participants! I am also always available to answer any questions you have or help you via email with any trouble you are having with the assignments.
This class is limited to 30 participants

In order to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below letting us know that you'd like a spot in the class. You can add extra entries by:

Liking Simplicity on Facebook
Following Faith on GCF
Following Faith on Twitter

Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry so don't miss any. We will keep this giveaway open all week and will announce a winner next Monday, April 4th. Good Luck!

Thank you Faith for giving away this awesome opportunity! OX

Featured Blog: if it's not ok.....

First off I need to get the introductions out of the way. I'm Missy and blog pretty much anonymously. Not because I blog secrets or live a wild life - i don't AT all!! 
With being rather new to the whole blog community I enjoy having it as something for myself. Call me selfish but I like it that way!
I work as a teacher and have done for 4 years now. I absolutely love my job and the kids I teach but feel like I have let 4 years pass me by in a haze of paperwork, assessments and levels. I love hockey, dancing and sports in general.

If you've already been kind enough to visit my blog then you may have read a little about me. If not (and even if you have) I am about to expand. When it hit New Year I stumbled across a blog which had a New Years reflection list. This got me thinking much more about what I had achieved and been through the previous year rather than what I wanted to 'resolve'- for the record I don't even do resolutions. I can't stick to them.

Can I see a better year ahead?
While I was filling in the form I thought about using it in a blog. What would I write about in a blog? Could I write a blog? Was I creative enough? Well, as I finished my reflection I decided that even if I wasn't creative or interesting, I was going to enter the world of blogging. After looking back at my previous year I decided that I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and thought this was a good thing to help with that, it is pretty much a daily reflection.

My blog is very much like my mind...a bit all over the place. I blog about so many things such as; love, happiness, teaching, music and the occasional fashion/beauty post. I have no set theme as my life is not themed. It's up, down and sometimes, not often, it just coasts along in the middle. I like this as it's a little something for everyone.

Just a selection of my blog photos because.. well.. you gotta have photos!
One of my main topics of blogging however seems to be love (or lack of) and happiness. This theme pretty much inspired the name of my blog. I had a rough year love wise and was still suffering with what may or may not be a broken heart. If it's not a broken heart then it's definitely a fracture! I found a quote which states "If it's not ok, then it's not the end." I read it a few times and thought how lovely it was and how full of hope it was. Not just in the romantic sense but life in general. Everything is always ok in the end.

I have also found some wonderful people through blogging who genuinely make me laugh and happy when I spot a comment from them. It's really opened my eyes up to people in a different way and I can't believe how much I have taken to the world of blogging! Only last week I completed my first guest post! Hopefully when I reach next years reflection I will have so much to be happy about.

I hope through being a 'feature' that I meet lots more wonderful people and that my life- all ups, downs and coasting- entertains you and makes you smile. What's better in this world than making someone smile :-)


We Heart Shops Winner

Good Morning....our winner of the We Heart Shops magazine Ad is.................................................
#3 Trina @

please email all of your We Heart Shop info to weheartshops at aol dot com so we can start working on your shop ad! Congratulations-thanks all for entering.....Visit http://weheartshops.com daily for your inspired needs and to shop your hearts out! xo enjoy the day! stay tuned for many more posts!

today is the LAST day to enter this GIVEAWAY

The Album #2

Welcome to the album where we link up all of our photography. This is a great way to share your weekly photo posts. If you post a wordless wednesday, photography meme, or anything to do with just pictures, then link up those posts, old and new! We love browsing through them, it's such an inspiration.

the albums are left open for the month. new ones will happen towards the first of every month. be SURE to link directly to the post or it will be deleted. if you want your photo to be highlighted as an album feature just leave a comment on this post with the link to the photo. we will swap the album photos over on the right sidebar with yours linking to your posts.  have a great day friends.

Weekend Wander

hey beautiful friends. it's the weekend, time to wander. does anyone have anything exciting going on? we will be announcing the winner of the we heart shops giveaway and getting some more features out shortly. we hope you take this time to relax, link up and enjoy some catching up with your good ol' bloggy buds.

if you have yet to link to a hop here at ftlob, what are you waiting for? we have a blast. can i be totally honest......this is the best place to meet people. you guys make blogging worthwhile.

there are so many things going on. if you are new, welcome---->grab a cup and head to the left sidebar for a list of things we do here. the link parties are to the right and everything else is everywhere else;-) happy wandering friends.


I just had to come back and edit this......it's 12:30AM and i'm reading through everyones comments from yesterday.....U GUYS R THE BOMB DIGGITY. u make me laugh! THANK you.....MUAH....Vic♥

Get mentored by Mandy Chiappini Photography!

Hello friends! We are very excited to be passing along this awesome opportunity to you all... Our very own talented photographer Mandy Chiappini from A Sorta Fairytale is offering one on one, LIVE mentoring sessions. This is an incredible opportunity to get all your photography and editing questions answered!
(click above to enlarge)

Here is the class description:
Have you recently learned the basics of your SLR camera, but aren't sure what to do with you images afterward? If you have Photoshop, this might be the workshop for you!
This is an introductory course, geared toward the beginner with an SLR camera and the desire to learn how to edit your photos to make them frame worthy! We will go over your camera basics, but the majority of the course is based around work-flow & post processing.
This idea has come from understanding that in most cases, the art of photography is much easier learned when it is taught in person. Since obviously, I will unable to fly out to each of you, this is the next best thing. We'll use screen share via Skype, to briefly go over camera settings and shooting techniques. But we'll spend the majority of our time in Photoshop going over post-processing basics. And it will all be live! These sessions will be unlike reading a book or watching a tutorial, in that it will be personal and interactive. The participant will take an active part in the entire experience!
*please note
Before we take a photo in to an editing program, we need to be sure we are capturing a decent SOOC shot first. Although we'll spend a little bit of time going over camera/shooting basics, it's important that you have a good understanding of your camera.

Sounds awesome, right? If you haven't visited Mandy's blog, A Sorta Fairytale, I recommend you head over ASAP.  Her pictures (and family) are so beautiful. I can personally testify to her sweetness too, she is a wonderful bloggy friend. You should also visit her photography site, Mandy Chiappini Photography, to get a feel for her photos so you know her editing style. I love it, it's so clean and bright.
I personally have my mentoring session scheduled for next week and can't wait to learn her secrets. Especially after reading this rave review on Love, Luci!

The cost is $60 and you just need to email Mandy to set up a time that works for both of you at  mandychiappini@gmail.com. Go book your slot!

Fab Friends Friday

Happy FRIDAY-----WHOOT! WHOOT! friends. Let's GET this PARTAAAAAYYYY started. have we told you lately how terrificly fabulous you are? well you shine! ----> Like NO other. Yes sir-e.
it's SPRING----------hoping yours has started just perfectly. we wish you a beautiful day and hope you enjoy this weekend. what's the plans? any!

today's fab friends are-----derdtttttderrttttderttttderttt↓

check out this new blog design

this LIFE is SWEET


We hope you'll link up to gain more friends today and mention your bloggy buds in your posts today!
DON'T FORGET this is the LAST chance to ENTER the We Heart Shops Giveaway and you MUST enter this Giveaway.

The LINK Parties are right over there to the RIGHT----> Link up your stuff people! Scope out THE COMMUNITY, lots of newbies. CHECK out OUR FABULOUS deals for SPRING. If you get BORED*****Make a Lemonade Stand.....OR write for The Anonymous Project.

Good Night Friends

I just wanted to pop in this eve to wish you all a very happy night! I can't thank you enough for the wonderful emails and just wanted y'all to know that you make me smile each day. if you're not too busy, click the pic to vote for us. i've also made it easier to vote by adding the button to the first right sidebar instead of the words over there on the left. Thank you all who have voted, we're almost on the front page...whoot whoot. Don't forget you can vote everyday.....the more you click, the faster our pretty faces {yours and mine} get on that front page. Have a super fab night! who's ready for fab friends tomorrow?!

Featured Blog: The Little Beachs

Hi there!! I am Joni from The little Beachs
I am a mother of 1 adorable little girl!
I am married to my best friend.
We met 3 years ago and it was literally love at first sight.
How could it not be... look at him!

I like to blog about our life, little adventures we go on, crafts, & random facts about us.
It is a mini journal that I like to share with others.
I love others opinions, comments, and advice.
I have a slight obsession with my family. 
I love music {every kind}
Cooking rocks... especially when the crock pot is involved.
Basically I share my life to anyone thats willing to follow!
if you are interested come visit us!

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