Bittersweet Necklace Giveaway {Garden Of Eden}

hello you fabulous people! today we are hosting a very lovely giveaway from the beautiful Victoria, owner of Garden of Eden Designs. She is kindly offering this Bittersweet Necklace to One Lucky Member. Who doesn't love to be showered with pretty creations?! I know I do.

This gorgeous piece of art was made of fabric covered pom poms and knots. The necklace does not untie but measures a good length of 28.5 inches. The designs and colors of The Gardens Jewelry is super whimsical and elegant. Each piece carries it's own unique name-this is after the BITTERSWEET Flower, meaning TRUTH. How pretty is that?

For those dying to fancy this gorgeous piece, you must:

Tell us in a comment below How You Would Wear this Necklace {Mandatory Entry}

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Slidecutter said…
Ohhhh...I would so love to have a creation from a FTLOB member; how special!

Hmmm...How would I wear this necklace? Well, on the very first day that warm weather finally arrives here in NY, I would build my outfit of the day around this pretty piece rather than dressing from the shoes/up like I do every day, lol.

Keeping fingers crossed here!

i would rock this fab necklace with a simple white summer flowy dress, hippie sandals and my curly hair flowing free! so that the necklace would be the main attraction ;)

Hugs & Loves, Ariel
i am already a follower of FTLOB!

Hugs & Loves, Ariel
now a follower of Garden of Eden ;)

Hugs & Loves, Ariel
ladybirdy said…
thats really lovely!! and it won't break if you drop it, super necklace ;)

if i wore this necklace i would wear it with a creamy blouse with a pocket, denim shorts and white hightops with lots of bracelets and my hair down.
(sorry if that was too detailed)xx
Ashley Fastle said…
jeans, a white tea shirt, and some flip flops. Hair would be in a side braid and sunglasses would be on. Perfect for spring.
Gertrude said…
I would wear it with a white tee so that the attention goes to all the colours it has.

Bows and Pearls
Gertrude said…
I'm a proud member of FTLOB :)

Bows and Pearls
Gertrude said…
I like their page on Facebook (Gertrude Aquilina).

Bows and Pearls
I would wear this with a polka-dot dress I bought from anthropologie (avec gift card) for an upcoming wedding! it would match perfectly!!!! i never get out, so if i don't win, i'll match it w/something i have from 1980. :(
Heather M said…
Ooh I would so rock this necklace! I would wear it with A white T jean skirt and flip flops!! HOT!!!
Heather M said…
Im a Proud Member of FTLOB
Heather M said…
Im a follower of GE
Heather M said…
I like GE on Facebook!!!
Pink Sade said…
I'd wear it with a cotton white tunic and denim shorts to show off this lovely piece! Thanks!
gagaslab at gmail dot com
I would wear this with a simple t-shirt and jeans or I have a white cotton sundress that would look great with this too!
I follow FTLOB!
apple 7555 at gmail dot com
I follow Garden's blog!
apple 7555 at gmail dot com
Liking the Garden of Eden on Facebook as Nancy L. Waite (Style n Decor Deals)
apple 7555 at gmail dot com
Poekitten said…
I'm a member of FTLOB:)
Emily said…
I'd ROCK this necklace on our upcoming trip to BERMUDA!!! it'd be PERFECT to add to my collection :) deliasgodess33(at)aol(dot)com
Emily said…
I'm a PROUD member of FTLOB!!! I am newer but I LOVE it already!

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