Featured Blog: if it's not ok.....

First off I need to get the introductions out of the way. I'm Missy and blog pretty much anonymously. Not because I blog secrets or live a wild life - i don't AT all!! 
With being rather new to the whole blog community I enjoy having it as something for myself. Call me selfish but I like it that way!
I work as a teacher and have done for 4 years now. I absolutely love my job and the kids I teach but feel like I have let 4 years pass me by in a haze of paperwork, assessments and levels. I love hockey, dancing and sports in general.

If you've already been kind enough to visit my blog then you may have read a little about me. If not (and even if you have) I am about to expand. When it hit New Year I stumbled across a blog which had a New Years reflection list. This got me thinking much more about what I had achieved and been through the previous year rather than what I wanted to 'resolve'- for the record I don't even do resolutions. I can't stick to them.

Can I see a better year ahead?
While I was filling in the form I thought about using it in a blog. What would I write about in a blog? Could I write a blog? Was I creative enough? Well, as I finished my reflection I decided that even if I wasn't creative or interesting, I was going to enter the world of blogging. After looking back at my previous year I decided that I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and thought this was a good thing to help with that, it is pretty much a daily reflection.

My blog is very much like my mind...a bit all over the place. I blog about so many things such as; love, happiness, teaching, music and the occasional fashion/beauty post. I have no set theme as my life is not themed. It's up, down and sometimes, not often, it just coasts along in the middle. I like this as it's a little something for everyone.

Just a selection of my blog photos because.. well.. you gotta have photos!
One of my main topics of blogging however seems to be love (or lack of) and happiness. This theme pretty much inspired the name of my blog. I had a rough year love wise and was still suffering with what may or may not be a broken heart. If it's not a broken heart then it's definitely a fracture! I found a quote which states "If it's not ok, then it's not the end." I read it a few times and thought how lovely it was and how full of hope it was. Not just in the romantic sense but life in general. Everything is always ok in the end.

I have also found some wonderful people through blogging who genuinely make me laugh and happy when I spot a comment from them. It's really opened my eyes up to people in a different way and I can't believe how much I have taken to the world of blogging! Only last week I completed my first guest post! Hopefully when I reach next years reflection I will have so much to be happy about.

I hope through being a 'feature' that I meet lots more wonderful people and that my life- all ups, downs and coasting- entertains you and makes you smile. What's better in this world than making someone smile :-)



melody-mae said…
hey sweetheart! big huge congrats on the feature here at ftlob! I love that your blog is not themed and is like you...with many, many layers and something for everyone!!!

I am off to say hi on your blog too...again congrats!!
Chrissy said…
yay, congrats on the feature!!!
Happy Monday!! xxx
Slidecutter said…
Happy Monday, Missy and congrats on being featured!

Headed over to your blog and made myself right at home...loved it!

Missy said…
Thank you to all those who stopped by my blog either to look or say hi!! It has definitly made my day to be featured!!Woo!
Congratulations, Missy! I've visited your blog before and will definitely visit again...the title ALWAYS makes me smile. :) And I love your "hand-written" post. Congrats again!

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