Get mentored by Mandy Chiappini Photography!

Hello friends! We are very excited to be passing along this awesome opportunity to you all... Our very own talented photographer Mandy Chiappini from A Sorta Fairytale is offering one on one, LIVE mentoring sessions. This is an incredible opportunity to get all your photography and editing questions answered!
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Here is the class description:
Have you recently learned the basics of your SLR camera, but aren't sure what to do with you images afterward? If you have Photoshop, this might be the workshop for you!
This is an introductory course, geared toward the beginner with an SLR camera and the desire to learn how to edit your photos to make them frame worthy! We will go over your camera basics, but the majority of the course is based around work-flow & post processing.
This idea has come from understanding that in most cases, the art of photography is much easier learned when it is taught in person. Since obviously, I will unable to fly out to each of you, this is the next best thing. We'll use screen share via Skype, to briefly go over camera settings and shooting techniques. But we'll spend the majority of our time in Photoshop going over post-processing basics. And it will all be live! These sessions will be unlike reading a book or watching a tutorial, in that it will be personal and interactive. The participant will take an active part in the entire experience!
*please note
Before we take a photo in to an editing program, we need to be sure we are capturing a decent SOOC shot first. Although we'll spend a little bit of time going over camera/shooting basics, it's important that you have a good understanding of your camera.

Sounds awesome, right? If you haven't visited Mandy's blog, A Sorta Fairytale, I recommend you head over ASAP.  Her pictures (and family) are so beautiful. I can personally testify to her sweetness too, she is a wonderful bloggy friend. You should also visit her photography site, Mandy Chiappini Photography, to get a feel for her photos so you know her editing style. I love it, it's so clean and bright.
I personally have my mentoring session scheduled for next week and can't wait to learn her secrets. Especially after reading this rave review on Love, Luci!

The cost is $60 and you just need to email Mandy to set up a time that works for both of you at Go book your slot!


Anonymous said…
I wish I lived close to her! She is such a sweet sweet lady! Shooting with her would be heavenly & a darn good time :) Cheers to YOU sweet Mandy!

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