Oh My Goodness I Forgot the Blog of The Month

where did this month go to anyways......eeeeek! here are the nominees:

The Blog Experiment

Henry Happened

Chasing Davies

Tales of a Hockey Wife


Complex Apple Pie

The Abundant Life

Voting Poll is NOW UP-----GO VOTE!


Patty said…
lol...I was just sitting here doing bookwork and wondering the same thing about where March went!

Some wonderful blogs to choose from, going to vote early and often!


Caleb said…
Cool beans!

First I was like "What! Someone has the same blog name as me?"

But then it dawned on me that it *was* my blog!

Me <----not that sharp

And some of my bloggie friends are there, too! Am I supposed to be plugging this on my blog or something? How about I just hypnotize anyone reading this comment to go...check...out...my...blog...

Done. What's that? You just visited TexaGermaNadian instead of The Blog Experiment?

Shoot. My hypnotic powers are hit and miss at best.

Oh well.

Go check them all out! Yay blogs! *high five*


(The Blog Experiment)
I am super honored! :) What a great group of blogs to be up against!
Haha, Caleb, just read your comment. Keep up those psychic powers for me please! haha, I don't stand a chance against ya :)
Atypical Scott said…
No Atypical Read? :)
Morgan said…
Congrats to all of you bloggy luvs!! You're up here for a reason :) It's going to be a close next couple of days. Good luck!
TexaGermaNadian just left me a comment, letting me know I was up for Blog of the month. Two "Hockey Wife" blogs....looks like this could go into overtime.

I am just happy to be nominated...but would be a little happier if you would just give Tales of a Hockey Wife a little !

Be sure to stop by and have a browse....

Cheers and congrats to us all!
Unknown said…
OOOH! Great nominees!! I am impressed!!! :)
Unknown said…
Oh my...well now I know some of these blogs but I am ashamed that I have not yet visited all of them. I will go visit them all of them before I vote!!!

OHHHHHHH, and congratulations to each and every blog...whoot-whoot!
Thank you soooo much for including me! I got notified this morning by TexaGermaNadian <-- thanks lovely.

As it was 8am (here in Sydney) I was not able to include this in my latest post! I will have to edit tonight when I get home from work :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments too, I will respond tonight as well, most likely you'd all be sleeping by then!

Time is now 12:55 pm in Sydney. Lunchtime!
Rick Henry said…
Blog of the Month is great. I really enjoyed checking out the featured blogs. some of them are pretty good and interestingly creative.
Megan said…
Awww - this is so amazing! Thank you for the nomination with all these other great blogs! I'm excited to check them all out! :)

Meggy from Chasing Davies
Dana Buchli said…
This is awesome! Thanks for the votes! All of these other blogs nominated are pretty sweet-tastic too!

dana from the abundant life
Unknown said…
I voted. I didn't know this was on here and I am a follower.
b. lee said…
a couple of those sweet bloggers I know well & love * lookin' forward to meetin' the unfamiliar faces * * congrats to all the nominees!
Sammy said…
I love appl3pie! <3
Ross said…
Congrats to everyone here! In my opinion it's hard to pick a winner here because they are all good blogs and unique in there own way.
Diane and Chad said…
okay, from the newbie here...how do you vote?? That may sound dumb..sorry...but I don't know where to go to do that!!
Hockey Wife said…
Big woo hoo to my hockey ladies!
Anonymous said…
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