Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday my friends, I hope the week has started off good for you! 

Today we are bringing you some warm comfort foods with a little something extra... like this Roast Chicken with Oranges. We got this recipe from If You Can Make That You Can Make This, an awesome food blog. She has her recipes sorted by savory and sweet so you can find exactly what you need when you have a craving!

I think this delish chicken would go well with a side of broccoli with garlic, don't you? Head on over to Home Sweet and Savory for more amazing recipes.

You know the drill, link up your fabulous Tasty Tuesday posts if you have one but feel free to jump in and join the hop regardless. Get out there, hop around and see what everyone is making. Don't forget to email us if you have a recipe you'd like showcased on Tasty Tuesday!



How can that messy little face not make you smile!? :) Happy Tasty Tuesday to ya'll!
OKinUK said…

Y Ur Linky NO WORK?

Link goes in, link goes out. Never a miscommunication.
Jordan said…
What Mollie says is true, link 6 doesn't work. Sad. I wanted to see what that was.
Not sure what went wrong, I might have mistyped something, but here's the link to post #8 Oreo Fudge Cake


-A @SM
Jacqui' said…
Woot woot for Tasty Tuesday, excited to see what everyone is cooking up. Its giveaway time for us so Im looking at everyone else's food today.lol
Anonymous said…
Wow, a food blog hop, love it. Got to take part in this and I'm a new follower ... :0)

Shirl x
YUM i love steamed brocolli! xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!
Patty said…
Another delish Tasty Tuesday!!

So many great recipes, so little time!

Have a great day everyone,

This post just made me really really hungryyyy!!!!!
Unknown said…
New recipe ideas are always welcome here!!! Happy Tuesday friends!
Martha said…
Playing along, adding the Tasty Tuesday bade to my sidebar and following. Have a great week :-)
OKinUK said…
Did anyone else notice the sheer and awesome (in a Cliffs of Insanity kind of way) amount of broccoli posts?

Is broccoli in season now? That would be a very convenient truth to know.
Anonymous said…
This blog hop leaves me famished! :)

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