Thirsty Thursday {blog hop}

who's ThIrStY for some more friends and some delicious drinks-----On Da HoUsE
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Welcome, New and Long Time friends. We're so glad to have you this fine Thursday. It's close to the weekend and the beginning of a new month. Time sure flies. Where is this year going to already? I'm stoked to see what the future holds but come on damn it....slow down!

So each Thursday, we grab our favorite drinks, mine happens to be the FAMOUS Amaretto Sours {yummy} - of course I'm not an alcoholic and drinking one right bright and early but i should get down to the abc liquor store and get some sour mix to make it this eve.

While you enjoy your warm coffee, tea or espresso, we can discuss all of the many things going on here! We have some giveaways going on right now that are beyond fabulous. Everyone is welcome to enter. Who knows, you may be our lucky winner.

You can Now Nominate For May Blog of the Month.

The Groups are Looking Fabulous and the Comments Have Been Cleaned. Go Mingle.

Don't miss our really good deals for April Sponsorship. You should browse this site-there are so many things going on! We hope you have a great day....get your drinks on and link up! Enjoy.



Mollie said…
It's 9:08 am. It's raining and windy, but I've got my coffee to drink and Barbie's Diamond Castle DVD in the player. Bring on the posts!
Anonymous said…
Mollie, Mollie, Mollie...Barbie's Diamond Castle? C'mon!

The good news? My NyQuil,Pinot and Cheez-It combo seems to have cleared the ol' sinuses.

The better news? I'm a happy over the counter medicine/wine user and I shared my love last night while riding a delicious high.
Galit Breen said…
Hooray for new friends! I'm so happy to e here!

And as for my drink of choice?
Right now: Coffee.
Tonight: Blackberry Mojito!

Off to read! :)

Slidecutter said…
Raising my coffee cup with a "Here's looking at you" to all of you lovely people!

Snow on the more Mojito Day!


Natalie said…
Can't wait to meet some new friends! That is always exciting. <3
Anonymous said…
Hello my dears! I hope your thursday is a thoroughly thrilling and thirsty one :P Xx
im going to drink a strawberry caffeine crystal light this morning :) xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!
I love your blog! Love the giveaways!
I'm a new follower on your blog hop!
Thanks for hosting.
Hope you can hop by my blog:
Anonymous said…
Yay for Thursdays! They're kinda my light day this quarter - one 8 a.m. class, bowling, and both of my on-campus jobs :D
b. lee said…
that mango pineapple mojito is making my mouth water! happy friday eve all * * thanx for hosting lovely ladies * muah!
nicole. said…
Thursdays!!!! I reserve Friday for the stronger stuff, today its coffee, with cream ;)

Morning everyone!!!!
Nikki said…
First time here for thirsty Thursday, looking forward to making some new friends! This morning was an energy drink pre-workout, now is coffee, mmmm...tonight will be a nice vodka/soda or pinot noir. Yum! Off to comment...
Mommyof2girlz said…
Thanks for the hop, my first Thirsty Thurs, yay! I am enjoying my hot coffee and now off to visit some new friends :)
Sweetie1313 said…
Just found your blog - am your newest follower. Feel free to follow back.
Poekitten said…
I'm enjoying a cup of tea on a chilly Seattle day:) Hope everyone has a great Thursday!
Riley said…
It's my friend's 21st birthday party tonight! We're all feeling a bit thirsty today... ;)
Just water to drink at work today! But we do have a classic office water cooler... haha! That's kinda fun. :)
LifeBelowZero said…
Thanks for the hop!
Life Below Zero
Caleb said…
Really Mollie? Barbie's diamond castle?

Okay, that's what I watched this morning too.



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