Featured Blog: The Little Beachs

Hi there!! I am Joni from The little Beachs
I am a mother of 1 adorable little girl!
I am married to my best friend.
We met 3 years ago and it was literally love at first sight.
How could it not be... look at him!

I like to blog about our life, little adventures we go on, crafts, & random facts about us.
It is a mini journal that I like to share with others.
I love others opinions, comments, and advice.
I have a slight obsession with my family. 
I love music {every kind}
Cooking rocks... especially when the crock pot is involved.
Basically I share my life to anyone thats willing to follow!
if you are interested come visit us!


Ms. Blasé said…
Looks like they know how to laugh at themselves, have a great time, and not take life too seriously. Awesomeness :)
Chrissy said…
Aw, look at you! What a gorgeous family! Such a cutie pie! Congrats on the feature!!
bethani said…
your little family is so cute!!! ♥ look forward to getting to knowing you and your family better!
Ross said…
Congrats you guys on the feature!!
Little Beachs said…
Thanks!! Come visit us
Bold E-Zine said…
I love to read about families that know how to enjoy one another and share laughter and good times. You're an inspiration.
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melody-mae said…
what a sweet little family!! I want to congratulate you on your feature! whahoo!!!
I too agree, anything with a crock-pot...Rocks!

again, congrats!
Sarah E. said…
I love your blog's header! What a cute picture :)

And the first picture made me laugh - I love seeing pictures of couples that have a sense of humor about themselves!!
She sounds so fun! :) Happy feature day!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Joni! I love her blog :) I've been a follower of hers! You go girlfriend!!
Pennington said…
Congrats on getting a featured blog on FTLOB! Way to go girlfriend! Good luck on your upcoming move. The house is adorable, hopefully you will get settled soon!
Miss Lego said…
You sound like a calm person that knows how to enjoy life. Good for you.
Little Beachs said…
you are all so sweet! Thank you!


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