who designs these blogs?!

hey there pretty faces. i have received some emails asking who designs these most fabulous blogs and would love to have you hear more about her. i'm sure she's not the only one who's designing pretty blogs but she's on top of my list here at FTLOB and she's done so many of our members blog makeovers.

meet Lindsay, the creative lady behind Scenic Glory and Scenic Glory Designs. She's also a partner of ours here at ftlob and a really great person to work with.

her designs are one of a kind, unique and have a vintage feel to them. she also doesn't hesitate when it comes to making her clients happy. she does her best at making each project a rare design. you won't {or shouldn't} see anyone else with your masterpiece.
she also creates the most elegant posts ever. if you have yet to visit her blog, please get comfy. she will make you smile and say, "WOW." the one above is a snapshot of her sponsors. she won't let you go without being noticed. she also hosts a ton of features, so take some time to look around and indulge in a great new blog.

here is a little bit more about her designs and her recent creations

banner one for freckles and fudge - banner two for sweet little somethings - banner three for hani beans

she's also the one who will be designing your shop if you need one. more details here. she will create an amazing header and some buttons for your shop!

a post more about her work and packages will be coming right up! to contact lindsay her email is scenicglory {at} gmail {dot} com


Daydream Living said…
Hi, just found your blog and I wanted to thank you for the link to Lindsay; I was looking for something like this!
I LOVE Lindsay's blog and her work! Def. check it out friends!
Tina Martin said…
Lindsay designed my blog and she is awesome to work with. If you want a blog that truly amazing and one of a kind, you must have her design one for you! All these girls are fabulous!
Chrissy said…
Lindsay is amazing!!! xxx
Ashley said…
My turn is coming up soooon! I can't wait! XO
Anonymous said…
I love Lindsay's blog! She's such a creative person. I so wish I could have a fraction of the creativity that she has :)
Girl in Oslo. said…
Happy Friday to you girl.
The layout was gorgeous...

Have a great day
Anonymous said…
Lindsay is awesome, she's such an inspiration!! xoxo

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