Tasty Tuesday

So maybe some of us aren't as hungry as we should be....thank you turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. But we still host a Tasty Tuesday every week and would love to see what your cooking up. You can link something you made for Thanksgiving, a recent baked good, a photo of something yummy and scrumptious or a recipe.

Today we're making some good ol' chicken salad. It's light and fresh. Now, I'm going to just cook up the barbecue chicken we've had in the freezer and slap it on a really light salad. It's perfect for dinner especially since we've been so stuffed lately.



Share what your Tasty Tuesday Meal or Treat is. We'd love to see.

Have a great day!

Magical Monday Blog Hop

Good morning and welcome to a new week of blog hops and features. We're happy to be introducing fresh new blogs and making this community a place to share all your wonderful adventures. Mondays are Magical, so link up and start waving those wands at as many blogs as possible. If your new here and have not yet linked to a hop, we would encourage you to do so. It's a great way to find you first of all and secondly it's going to build your readership. And that's exactly what we encourage. We want you to stumble across blogs that interest you, blogs that you like. We do not encourage a follow for a follow. Do not feel pressured to do something you don't want to do. That's the exact reason we have no rules for our weekly link ups. We want you to feel at ease in making friends. We want you feel comfortable. This site is to help you get noticed and we want everyone to respect everyone.


You don't have to grab any of our buttons but we would greatly appreciate it. One of our main goals is to pull in a variety of different blogs that we haven't come across and I must say that we've done a great job thus far. We've met some really amazing blogs that are new to us and I like the versatility. If you know a friend who is not yet a member ( I like to use member instead of follower) (It sounds better, huh) maybe mention this site to them and nominate them for blog of the month.

If you haven't linked your blog to the pages above yet, what are you waiting for. This is where we pull our features that get mentioned in our hops. Which brings us to today's......................

Pieces of Me, is an inspiring blog about Heather, a mother and a wife. Her brother was recently murdered.  She's finding her way through Christ and living a life built around hope and friendships. Please head over and make her day. Mention your new marvelous friend somewhere in your post today to spice things up.

The current giveaways need entries. If your not a giveaway person, hey-you never know...enter some...you may be the lucky winner.

If your interested in a full feature post, read here.

Enjoy the day. And prepare a Tasty Tuesday Treat for tomorrow.

Featured Blog: Refusing To Grow Old Gracefully

Welcome and thanks for being here. We're featuring fabulous blogs and building friendships. Jump in, grab a cup and relax. If your interested in a full post feature, read here. No worries if you have no time to whip up a post, we feature blogs with almost all of our blog hops. Be sure to link below to the Weekend Wander.

For The Love of Blogs Introduces:

 About Me? I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage.
Vintage is good.  Vintage is in.  Vintage is a much lovelier word than old.

Since you clickied on the link, allow me to draw you a visual before we begin.

Feather boas and heeled slippers.

Dry martinis, neat.


Cigarette holder.

Perfect nails.

Well behaved child.

Adoring husband.




Summer in the Hamptons.

Now, hold that image.  Got it?

That is NOT me.

That would be graceful and honey, no one has ever called me Grace.

I'm a walking, talking accident waiting to happen.  I sleep too much, don't vacuum enough, usually have dishes in the sink and don't particularly mind a day or two without shaving my legs.  

I wouldn't know what to do with hired help and I've never even seen the Hamptons from a distance, although I hear they're lovely in the summer.

The last time my hair was in an updo was senior prom, and although I manage heels remarkably well, slippers are for scuffing around the house in.  Mine are cows.  Big, obnoxious cows.  They match my pj pants though so it's all good.

I've never owned a feather boa, and if I had one, the cat would eat it.  Nothing sexier than cat saliva when you're trying to get frisky.

So no, I'm none of those elegant, classy things.  I am fairly intelligent, or at least I like to think so.  Hate martinis, can't keep a manicure from chipping to save my life either.  But I do have a great kid and an adoring husband.  So I get props for that.

I'm not even trying for graceful anymore, I'm a warrior now, fighting this aging thing all the way, after all, it's true what they say.

Lifes journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but to skid in sideways, totally worn out screaming "Holy shit, what a ride!"

A very special thanks to Donna for being a part of our community.

Head over to her fabulous blog, follow if you wish and make a new friend.

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Have a good day!

Weekend Wander

If you are anything like us, you are moving slow after being stuffed with turkey and pie then shopping like crazy. It's time to put your feet up, kick back and take a wander to some great new blogs!


Remember, we have no rules so grab a button or don't but when you visit a blog be sure to leave kind words and let them know you wandered over from For The Love of Blogs. We always ask that you read the posts of the blogs you visit and leave genuine comments, the goal here is to make new friends!

Head out and starting meeting people. We'll see you back here this week for more fun hops and features. Don't forget to submit your blog to be featured and check the giveaways. Add your giveaway if you have one too!

Have a fabulous weekend and happy wandering!

Featured Blog: Sweet Blessings

If you'd like to be a full post feature, please read here.  

For The Love of Blogs Introduces:

Welcome!  My name is Jenifer and I am a blessed housewife and stay at home mom.  I home school my four precious children and love every second of it.  My husband and I work in outreach ministry at our church, I lead the woman's ministry, and I have a prayer group for moms.  Between the kiddos and church we stay very busy but we love it that way!

I am not a writer by any means, I am simply a woman who wants to be used by God.  About a year ago I felt God leading my to write.  My first reaction was to laugh!  Yes, I actually laughed at God!  But I am learning to be a woman who says "yes" to God so it was time for me to say yes.  I realized God did not mean for me to write a book, He wanted me to blog.  So I started  Sweet Blessings in August and I blog daily.  When you come to Sweet Blessings you will find encouragement through devotions.  I write about things God has dealt with me about or is leading me to write about.  You will also find encouraging scripture verses and a guide to read the Bible through in a year. 

I pray you will find something on my site to encourage and uplift you.
Why Sweet Blessings?  I choose the name Sweet Blessings because God's blesses us in so many ways.  It may be the blessing of health, financial, family, or simply a good mood or sunset.  No matter how He has blessed you, His blessings are always sweet! 

Please stop by Sweet Blessings and look around.  I love your comments and encourage you to check out my favorite blogs as well.  My prayer for you is many sweet blessings!

A special thanks to Jenifer for being a part of this community. Please be so kind to visit, show some love and make a new friend.

Don't forget to comment here and leave the person in front of you a comment on their blog telling them you came from here and your glad to meet a new friend.
Enjoy the Weekend-

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Fab Friends Friday

Happy Friday Friends. We hope you all enjoyed a stuffed turkey day. Fab Friends Friday is all about linking up and visiting as many blogs as possible. The goal is to build your friendships and grow your blogs.


Today's Fab Friend is Jeska at Living Our Love Song

To put a little mix in our fabulous blog hops, we would love for you to mention your new fab friend somewhere in your post today. Something simple like, This is my new Fab Friend Jeska, go say hi!

Link to her and make this a fun, exciting way to meet new faces. As always, we thank you for being here. Enjoy the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving Friends. We're thankful and grateful to be sharing our lives with one another. Each day is a gift, a day of thanks and we would love for you to share 10 things your thankful for today.

1.) For Each of You Friends
2.) Our Children
3.) Each Breath We Take
4.) Food. Good Grief. We Need to Eat
5.) Sunshine. A Daily Dose will Make you Smile
6.) Internet. without it, we would not be able to communicate
7.) Soap. We all can't be stinky.
8.) Liquor . We all need to get tipsy sometimes.
9.) Family. You can't live with them and you definitely cannot live without.
10.) God. He's almighty powerful and the reason we're here today.

Our Thirsty Thursday Drink is Pumpkin Spice-With or Without the Alcohol. Yum!

Now link up and share what your thankful for, a drink and even if you have nothing scheduled today, we'll still visit. Because we're a blog loving, hopping community. Thanks for being here and sharing your lives with all of us.


We'll be back tomorrow for Fab Friends Friday and A Fabulous Feature. Enjoy.

Featured Blog: Carrie With Children

If you'd like to get a featured post, click here for more details.

For The Love of Blogs Introduces Carrie With Children

My entire life I never thought I'd be a mom ...I'm about as tomboy as you can get.  I loved sports, I hated dresses, I hated shopping for clothes and I didn't even like the color pink. The day I became a mom to Maggie and Molly, all of that changed (except for the sports thing).  Yep...the tomboy ended up with two girls.  Now, I love for my girls to wear dresses, I don't mind clothes shopping (for them) and I'm finally coming around to liking the color pink. 

Isn't it funny how everything you thought you knew changes once you are a mom.  Suddenly, what *you* want/like/dislike doesn't matter anymore - it's all about what your children wants/likes/dislikes!  Some moms may think that's the wrong thing to do, but for me...it's exactly the right thing to do.  I've decided to suck it up and embrace the things my inner tomboy dislikes. 

With my site, Carrie with Children, I enjoy sharing positive stories about my adventures of a stay at home mom. My girls are 20 months apart in age, so there is never a dull moment in my house. Maggie is two years old and Molly was born in June 2010 with Down Syndrome. Things get hectic, stressful and busy for our family (just like everyone else's) but I've chosen to enjoy those moments. There's no need to be down and negative about it - might as well cherish them as learning opportunities. I'd love for you to follow along with me on my journey through being a mom.

A Special Thanks to Carrie for Being a Part of our Community.

Now. Here at For The Love of Blogs, we are dedicated to showing as much love to each of our members. Head over to Carrie With Children and leave her some sincere comments.

Each Full Feature Post will also be a Fun Filled Comment DAY. Here's What You'll do. After Leaving a comment HERE, Visit Today's Feature leaving her an authentic comment and Then Come Back for More Comment Love. Leave the person in front and below your comment a nice comment on their blogs. And then visit more if you wish. If someone leaves you a lovely comment from here, please return the love. Be sure to tell them where your coming from. And Please------>No copy and pasted "Follow Me Back" comments. It's annoying. Be respectful and gain some amazing friends.

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Have a great Day.


Tasty Tuesday

With Thanksgiving just two days away, we have GRUB on our minds! Luckily it's Tasty Tuesday so we can satisfy our hunger!


Here's the deal, we want you to link up and share something TASTY with us. It can be a recipe, a photo, your Thanksgiving menu or just something you're craving...anything at all!

This week we have a delicious pie on the brain. Who hates pie. Not I. Here's a Zesty Lemon Pie for you.

Grab the details and recipe here.

Don't forget to check out our featured blog and peek at what she's got on her menu today! Our Fab Friend of the day is Love, Luci. Kari from Love, Luci has this to say about her blog: "I'm a wife, a mom of 3, and a devoted friend. I take pictures, I sew, I cook, I exercise and I try to save the world in small increments each day. Like all mommies, I'm trying to figure out how to do all these things and still find time to take a shower. These days, Love, Luci is the scrapbook of my crazy life." Mention her somewhere in your post today and make a totally awesome friend.


Who will be featured all month long at the tippy top of For The Love of Blogs. We love each of you and thank you for being a part of this fantabulous community. You can nominate your favorite blog for next months blog of the month. They must be a member of For The Love of Blogs, post often and have a blog for more than 2 months. You cannot nominate your own blog, this is a fun way to share the love for our fellow blogging community.

Let's get this Party Started. We're hungry. Link up. And it's totally okay if you have nothing going on, you may still link up and join the fun. We have no rules. We like it that way. Enjoy.

PS: Tomorrow is Feature and Comment Love Day. Be sure to check it out.

PSS: The Button Should Be Working Now:) Thanks

Magical Monday Blog Hop

Welcome to our first week of Magical Monday. We're glad your sharing your magnificent blogs with all of us. If you haven't added your blog to The Blogs We Love Page, be sure you do. We're all about fun and making friends. In order to participate in our weekly hops, you just have to link up. We don't have any rules. Just have fun, smile and build friendships. In order to participate in the page links above, you must be a member.


Wave your wands and start visiting as many blogs as you'd like. Please leave a nice comment about their post and tell them your visiting from Magical Monday.

If you'd like to get featured, please visit here for more details.

If you have current giveaways, link them here.

Enjoy the new week friends. Be sure to check back often to visit refreshed blogs. And link up to tomorrow's Tuesday Linky.

Coming Soon-----> Blog of The Month

Weekend Wander

Hey new friends! It's time to hang out and spend the weekend together! The weekend is a time for relaxing and kicking back so we've got a low key wander planned for you all. Please be sure to link up.

This weekends wandering Friend is Just Hide the Dishes in the Dryer

Jennifer is a working mom to three kids who is obtaining her master's degree while her hubby is training to be a fireman... busy much? Her blog is awesome, you'll immediately get hooked.

Here's what to do....Stop by, say Hello and tell her you came from FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS. If you want to follow, let her know you're a new follower and that her blog is WONDERFUL. Please be sure to read and comment on her post as well, we all know how annoying a cut and pasted comment is. The goal here is to make some new friends so let's be sincere about it! The blogs we mention will kindly comment and follow back if they wish.

If you like this game, take today's featured blog and link their blog anywhere in your post for today and say "This is My New Wandering Friend, go say HI." This is optional but a fun way to participate!

Don't forget to hit up the GET FEATURED page so we can choose your blog for the next feature!

Have a great weekend everyone...happy wandering!


Fab Friends Friday

Can I get a TGIF. Whooo Hooo. That's a holler out to all you awesome For The Love of Blogs fans. We are Fun and Fab. We sure know how to support each and every member, so join us for a blog loving site like no other. Friday's are perfect for unwinding and Finding new blog buddies. Many of us know our fellow bloggers like the back of our hands and we run into them frequently on all the many blog hops out there.

So here.....We're gonna Make Our Blog Hops Fun and Interesting. Your welcome to join the chaos thrill and take a minute to jump in. Yeah...yeah...I know we're all busy. I won't take up too much of your time. I promise.

We'll be mentioning a Blog randomly and You should definitely Stop by, say Hello and tell them your from FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS. If you wish to follow, tell them your now following and their blog is FAB. Kindly state something about their post as well. There's nothing more annoying than a copy and pasted comment. The blogs we're mentioning will kindly comment back and follow if they wish.

If you like this game, take today's featured blog and link their blog anywhere in your post for today. Place the link anywhere in your post and put a throw off phrase like, This is My New Fab Friend, go say HI.

We'll be including this fun phrase link in all of our blog hops here and each member will get a chance for some major exposure.

Today's Fab Friend is Tanya at A Taste of T.

She's gonna be a mom soon. Congrats to her and her husband. Now go. Link up and share the love. Follow as many blogs as you'd like and mention your new friend today.


Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

The Thirsty Thursday Blog Hops are an excuse to grab a drink, relax and gain some new friends. If your just thirsty for followers that's perfectly fine. You don't have to post about your favorite drink. But here at For The Love of Blogs we're definitely sharing our weekly drink. Today's drink is a super yummy AppleTini.

You can grab the recipe here. Drink up. Enjoy.


Link up. Meet new faces and have a nice day.!

Please NOTE: You don't have to become a member/follower to jump in on these hops. If you do, we will follow back always, just leave a comment with your link.

But if you add your blog links to The Blogs We Love Page, you must be a member. Or your entry will be deleted.

The Faces Behind FTLOB!

Hi! I'm Vic. I began sharing my life on blogger back in 09'. We had just moved far from family and networking seemed to be the best outlet for me. It became my best friend if you will. I discovered more about myself. I began to realize who I wanted to be and what I wanted to share. My personal blog changed a lot over the years. The more you blog, the more you grow! I struggled fitting into communities. A lot seemed fake, like a whole lot of non-sense. My mission wasn't to go follow everyone just to get a follow, it was to connect with real people on a real level. I soon realized that it wasn't the place to share my space on the web and wanted to build something for every blogger to connect. Not just moms, not just 20 somethings but everyone! FTLOB was born out of a teeny idea. I wasn't sure how I was going to go into this, rather just went with the flow and before I knew it, bloggers were connecting, sharing same thoughts here and it felt great! I could share my outlook on blogging, etiquette and the right way to grow. People wanted to help build a community of something that ROCKED. My take on blogging has always been to keep it real, be yourself, connect like you were in person meeting for lunch and to be honest not only with yourself but with the entire web you're sharing your life with. Don't sugar coat, pretend to be someone/something you're not. When all else fails, be you and everyone else will love you for that!

I've met some amazing ladies who have joined me on this mission! Ashley was the first person who stepped up to stand beside me. I honestly couldn't have done it without her. Lindsay came along and shared her amazing designing skills with us and we connected instantly. Bobbi ended up promoting the hell out of us just because she loved this new community and we could not refuse a partnership with our #1 Head of PR! She's just amazing and anyone not willing to have her do your advertising for you would be insane. She's an awesome twitter promoter as well. Deb is now our Picture Perfect author and Hosts our Weekly Photography Challenge. She's also a community leader in our Blog Frog Community as well as Sweta who is our designer and Tutorial Gal. She gives quite the tips---aweeeeeeesome.

A Special Thank You to each of you ladies! You have all become great friends, partners and I know we're all eager to watch FTLOB grow into the best community for bloggers on the web. If you'd love to join us on this mission, grab a badge from our sidebar and help spread the word that bloggers who share, matter!

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