Weekend Wander

Hey new friends! It's time to hang out and spend the weekend together! The weekend is a time for relaxing and kicking back so we've got a low key wander planned for you all. Please be sure to link up.

This weekends wandering Friend is Just Hide the Dishes in the Dryer

Jennifer is a working mom to three kids who is obtaining her master's degree while her hubby is training to be a fireman... busy much? Her blog is awesome, you'll immediately get hooked.

Here's what to do....Stop by, say Hello and tell her you came from FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS. If you want to follow, let her know you're a new follower and that her blog is WONDERFUL. Please be sure to read and comment on her post as well, we all know how annoying a cut and pasted comment is. The goal here is to make some new friends so let's be sincere about it! The blogs we mention will kindly comment and follow back if they wish.

If you like this game, take today's featured blog and link their blog anywhere in your post for today and say "This is My New Wandering Friend, go say HI." This is optional but a fun way to participate!

Don't forget to hit up the GET FEATURED page so we can choose your blog for the next feature!

Have a great weekend everyone...happy wandering!



Following you from the Weekend Wander. Please visit me and follow back at http://debbiedoescoupons.com
Anonymous said…
Hi there, thanks for hosting the hop! Sorry about doubling the linky. Didn't think it "took" the first time.

New follower!
craftycam said…
Thanks for doing this...I'll be sure to follow everyone when I get a moment from this sick house. Chrissy
Jacqui said…
Hello! I'm your newst follower from the Saturday Social! Would love if you would follow back at one or all of my four blogs:


Have a great weekend!
Hi there! Thanks for the weekend linkup! I'm a new follower - look forward to reading along!
Kristin said…
Hi! New follower from Friday hop! Feel free to stop by for a visit!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin
missykade said…
Following you from Lucas's Journey w/SPD
Super Mega Blog Hop
Would love to have you follow us back : )

MusingMom6 said…
I'm a new follower, and I added you to my Blog Hop Blog Roll.

I hope you stop by.
Jennifer Kay said…
Hey Ashley and Vic, thanks again for the feature I have gained probably 15+ new followers over the weekend which is AWESOME!

Thanks again, I am honored.

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