Magical Monday Blog Hop

Welcome to our first week of Magical Monday. We're glad your sharing your magnificent blogs with all of us. If you haven't added your blog to The Blogs We Love Page, be sure you do. We're all about fun and making friends. In order to participate in our weekly hops, you just have to link up. We don't have any rules. Just have fun, smile and build friendships. In order to participate in the page links above, you must be a member.


Wave your wands and start visiting as many blogs as you'd like. Please leave a nice comment about their post and tell them your visiting from Magical Monday.

If you'd like to get featured, please visit here for more details.

If you have current giveaways, link them here.

Enjoy the new week friends. Be sure to check back often to visit refreshed blogs. And link up to tomorrow's Tuesday Linky.

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pr0udmom0f3 said…
Awesome! I hope I can see more on today's post to see some new blogs to (maybe) follow.

As for mine, I don't write specifically about any one topic. I am all over the board. Mainly I do happen to blog about my life as a mom and wife, taking care of a Special Needs child, along with his two sisters. And in between, pretty much anything goes.

Also, I have started a new meme/carnival called Sunrise Sunday. It is a post done each Sunday to look ahead (or back) at the POSITIVE aspects of the coming (or past) week.

Thanks, FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS for giving us bloggers another outlet to share ourselves and gain new reads and friendships.
djpr said…
Popping in again for the hop! I've truly enjoyed these, and have discovered some amazing new blogs as a result! Really need to sit down and finish up my stuff so you can add me to the links, I'd be giddy you know.

So posting my links here again, one blog is primarily about writing, but a bit random too, the other is a (hopefully) amusing take on refusing to grow old gracefully!

The twitter gadget on blogspot is apparently broken and I've been to lazy to do my own, but there are uptweet buttons on both pages so please feel free to follow and tweet me!

Gina Alfani said…
Thank you for hosting this blog hop!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week . . . Gina
New follower via Making friends Monday. Would love it if you would follow back. (spotlight blog)

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