Tasty Tuesday

So maybe some of us aren't as hungry as we should be....thank you turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. But we still host a Tasty Tuesday every week and would love to see what your cooking up. You can link something you made for Thanksgiving, a recent baked good, a photo of something yummy and scrumptious or a recipe.

Today we're making some good ol' chicken salad. It's light and fresh. Now, I'm going to just cook up the barbecue chicken we've had in the freezer and slap it on a really light salad. It's perfect for dinner especially since we've been so stuffed lately.



Share what your Tasty Tuesday Meal or Treat is. We'd love to see.

Have a great day!


pr0udmom0f3 said…
I won't do BBQ, but give me some grilled chicken, lightly seared on there, and I can grub on that salad! (=
Jenifer said…
When I do chicken salad I add shredded cheese and mandrin oranges. Oh so good!!!!
djpr said…
Okay, I've got to share this recipe with you guys. Coffee is great, cocoa is to die for, but this is a neat twist on a hot beverage and it's got a really "holiday" feel to it. My mom introduced me to Russian Tea years and years ago and she still makes it for me! I've got a great mom! Anyhoo, here's the recipe.

Russian Tea

2 c. Tang
2 small pkg. Kool Aid lemonade
1 c. instant tea
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 1/2 c. sugar
1 tsp. cloves

Mis all together. Use 2 heaping teaspoons per cup of boiling water. Store in an airtight container. Perfect alternative to coffee or hot chocolate on a cold day!
Lisa said…
I definitely want to try that recipe for Russian tea - sounds yummy! We didn't have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, so no leftovers. :)
Alida said…
sounds good to me!!
That Russian tea sounds delicious. I didn't eve know that "they" made Tang anymore.

Sara said…
I have been so full from Thanksgiving my meals have consisted of cereal. New follower.

Jessica said…
I am blog hopping today and found your blog and wanted to also invite you to my two blogs for you to say hello and follow.

I love chicken. YUM!!

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Warren Baldwin said…
Linked here from Karli's. You have a nice blog, and great photos! I'm interested, too, in your give-aways. I am promoting a book through blogland. Do you do the give-away (as in doing a review and then giving it away?) or list that of other people?

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Either way, enjoyed the visit. wb

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