Happy Thanksgiving! It's a Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving Friends. We're thankful and grateful to be sharing our lives with one another. Each day is a gift, a day of thanks and we would love for you to share 10 things your thankful for today.

1.) For Each of You Friends
2.) Our Children
3.) Each Breath We Take
4.) Food. Good Grief. We Need to Eat
5.) Sunshine. A Daily Dose will Make you Smile
6.) Internet. without it, we would not be able to communicate
7.) Soap. We all can't be stinky.
8.) Liquor . We all need to get tipsy sometimes.
9.) Family. You can't live with them and you definitely cannot live without.
10.) God. He's almighty powerful and the reason we're here today.

Our Thirsty Thursday Drink is Pumpkin Spice-With or Without the Alcohol. Yum!

Now link up and share what your thankful for, a drink and even if you have nothing scheduled today, we'll still visit. Because we're a blog loving, hopping community. Thanks for being here and sharing your lives with all of us.


We'll be back tomorrow for Fab Friends Friday and A Fabulous Feature. Enjoy.


Cecilia said…
Hi! I'm following you now! Come visit my blog sometime, I'm having a coupon and giveaway that you might be interested!


Happy thanksgiving
Shannon said…
Happy Thanksgiving! What a great blog!

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