Magical Monday Blog Hop

Good morning and welcome to a new week of blog hops and features. We're happy to be introducing fresh new blogs and making this community a place to share all your wonderful adventures. Mondays are Magical, so link up and start waving those wands at as many blogs as possible. If your new here and have not yet linked to a hop, we would encourage you to do so. It's a great way to find you first of all and secondly it's going to build your readership. And that's exactly what we encourage. We want you to stumble across blogs that interest you, blogs that you like. We do not encourage a follow for a follow. Do not feel pressured to do something you don't want to do. That's the exact reason we have no rules for our weekly link ups. We want you to feel at ease in making friends. We want you feel comfortable. This site is to help you get noticed and we want everyone to respect everyone.


You don't have to grab any of our buttons but we would greatly appreciate it. One of our main goals is to pull in a variety of different blogs that we haven't come across and I must say that we've done a great job thus far. We've met some really amazing blogs that are new to us and I like the versatility. If you know a friend who is not yet a member ( I like to use member instead of follower) (It sounds better, huh) maybe mention this site to them and nominate them for blog of the month.

If you haven't linked your blog to the pages above yet, what are you waiting for. This is where we pull our features that get mentioned in our hops. Which brings us to today's......................

Pieces of Me, is an inspiring blog about Heather, a mother and a wife. Her brother was recently murdered.  She's finding her way through Christ and living a life built around hope and friendships. Please head over and make her day. Mention your new marvelous friend somewhere in your post today to spice things up.

The current giveaways need entries. If your not a giveaway person, hey-you never know...enter may be the lucky winner.

If your interested in a full feature post, read here.

Enjoy the day. And prepare a Tasty Tuesday Treat for tomorrow.


Kate said…
Thanks for hosting! I hope you have a fabulous Monday!!!

Heather said…
Thank you for hosting and putting up my nomination, that is very sweet and kind of you!
Sofia's Ideas said…
I love the premise behind this blog!

I'm now following you through the Monday "Cornucopia of Blog Hops". I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

Sofia's Ideas
Alex said…
I found you blog through Bloggy moms and I think its great. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit my blog and give me some feedback. I love to comment because I love receiving them.
I'm now a new follower and I hope you will be too.

Have a great day!
Sara said…
Thanks for hosting. I'm a new follower!!
Gina said…
from one Gemini to another, thank you for stopping by my blog following you
Gina said…

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