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Welcome!  My name is Jenifer and I am a blessed housewife and stay at home mom.  I home school my four precious children and love every second of it.  My husband and I work in outreach ministry at our church, I lead the woman's ministry, and I have a prayer group for moms.  Between the kiddos and church we stay very busy but we love it that way!

I am not a writer by any means, I am simply a woman who wants to be used by God.  About a year ago I felt God leading my to write.  My first reaction was to laugh!  Yes, I actually laughed at God!  But I am learning to be a woman who says "yes" to God so it was time for me to say yes.  I realized God did not mean for me to write a book, He wanted me to blog.  So I started  Sweet Blessings in August and I blog daily.  When you come to Sweet Blessings you will find encouragement through devotions.  I write about things God has dealt with me about or is leading me to write about.  You will also find encouraging scripture verses and a guide to read the Bible through in a year. 

I pray you will find something on my site to encourage and uplift you.
Why Sweet Blessings?  I choose the name Sweet Blessings because God's blesses us in so many ways.  It may be the blessing of health, financial, family, or simply a good mood or sunset.  No matter how He has blessed you, His blessings are always sweet! 

Please stop by Sweet Blessings and look around.  I love your comments and encourage you to check out my favorite blogs as well.  My prayer for you is many sweet blessings!

A special thanks to Jenifer for being a part of this community. Please be so kind to visit, show some love and make a new friend.

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cris said…
Hi There! I just added my blog to your blog section!

Very nice to meet you, we actually met on Bloggy Moms. So anyway I am Crystal nice to meet you, what a great blog!

If you want you can visit and follow me at http://www.armytankerswife.com Thanks
Anonymous said…
Hi there, I am a new follower from the hops. I would love it if you came by and visited/followed me too.

Thank you,
The Things We Find Inside
Unknown said…
Very sweet and good feature :) Love the pictures too :)
Happy blog hop and come follow me back when you can :)

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