The Faces Behind FTLOB!

Hi! I'm Vic. I began sharing my life on blogger back in 09'. We had just moved far from family and networking seemed to be the best outlet for me. It became my best friend if you will. I discovered more about myself. I began to realize who I wanted to be and what I wanted to share. My personal blog changed a lot over the years. The more you blog, the more you grow! I struggled fitting into communities. A lot seemed fake, like a whole lot of non-sense. My mission wasn't to go follow everyone just to get a follow, it was to connect with real people on a real level. I soon realized that it wasn't the place to share my space on the web and wanted to build something for every blogger to connect. Not just moms, not just 20 somethings but everyone! FTLOB was born out of a teeny idea. I wasn't sure how I was going to go into this, rather just went with the flow and before I knew it, bloggers were connecting, sharing same thoughts here and it felt great! I could share my outlook on blogging, etiquette and the right way to grow. People wanted to help build a community of something that ROCKED. My take on blogging has always been to keep it real, be yourself, connect like you were in person meeting for lunch and to be honest not only with yourself but with the entire web you're sharing your life with. Don't sugar coat, pretend to be someone/something you're not. When all else fails, be you and everyone else will love you for that!

I've met some amazing ladies who have joined me on this mission! Ashley was the first person who stepped up to stand beside me. I honestly couldn't have done it without her. Lindsay came along and shared her amazing designing skills with us and we connected instantly. Bobbi ended up promoting the hell out of us just because she loved this new community and we could not refuse a partnership with our #1 Head of PR! She's just amazing and anyone not willing to have her do your advertising for you would be insane. She's an awesome twitter promoter as well. Deb is now our Picture Perfect author and Hosts our Weekly Photography Challenge. She's also a community leader in our Blog Frog Community as well as Sweta who is our designer and Tutorial Gal. She gives quite the tips---aweeeeeeesome.

A Special Thank You to each of you ladies! You have all become great friends, partners and I know we're all eager to watch FTLOB grow into the best community for bloggers on the web. If you'd love to join us on this mission, grab a badge from our sidebar and help spread the word that bloggers who share, matter!

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