Mid Week Social Status + How to Tweet

Hello Bloggers! It's Wednesday. Halfway through our busy weeks and we'd like to know what the hell you've been up to! Social Status with US all day today and every week here on after! You can at Vic, she'll re-tweet and interact with you all day by using the

On insta @coffeeaddictmama use the same hashtags and share a photo of what your week has looked like! 

this is a great way to get some adult interaction if you've been busy taking care of the household, kids, working like crazy and just need a breather! talk to us. chat with other bloggers. i notice a lot of stuff on TWITTER and I will tell you what I observe: {my social stats for the week}

people don't interact enough

yes, a tweet or an automatic one linking to your new blog posts are great but if your entire feed is just that, social media really isn't for you! if you aren't re-tweeting or @ting other people to chat with throughout the day, you're only talking to yourself really, eh? it's called social media to be social!!!!

people have misconception of twitter- some may say, "There's No Right|Wrong Way to Tweet!" I'm here to tell you there is a right way!!!

Become a better Tweeter by doing these few things:

1.) Communicate. Talk to your followers and mention them in tweets. A simple hello or "i totally agree," or something means a lot to fellow tweeters!! Respond to people.

2.) Share. Don't be afraid to re-tweet people's stuff. Their cute pic or saying they just shared is ok to also share. Unless they are tweet protected, feel free to re-post a few things throughout the day!

3.) Post Frequently. Not an overwhelming amount one after another but space your tweets out in between your re-tweets. And keep tweeting. One a day is not enough. Share more than your blogs. People want to know how you're feeling and most can relate, so talk about all kinds of stuff.

4.) Be yourself. I have lost followers due to being down right blunt but that's really not an issue for me. Twitter is a place where I feel like I can be myself without everyone eye balling me and even if they are, I don't let that interfere with posting what I want. Let it out, let it go. We all need that one place where we can hide!!! it's like a closet of ventilism. {yes, i create my own words}

5.) Create a Comfort Zone. Twitter is intimidating to many and some don't even understand it. Spend a little bit of time on the app from your phone or your laptop just scrolling and getting ideas. This will help you feel more comfortable using the app. Vic is a great example of separating her re-tweets between her own tweets and sharing things like shops, blogs, etc. She will definitely help you come out of your shell and answer any questions you may have! Don't be afraid to ask.

So Let's Media Status Ourselves:

leave a comment with your blog links, tweet with us using the hashtags above and follow our new insta @coffeeaddictmama


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