Coffee in a Percolator

Over the years I have been a huge collector of Vintage. My love for it grew when I moved back to NY and found a ton of stuff on the curbs each weekend. People put their leftover sale boxes out and I'd find expensive glassware, dinnerware and just started hoarding like you wouldn't believe. I hit up the local thrift shops every week and came across things I wanted to try. Like this percolator.
Being the coffee addict that I am, I decided to try it after I experienced a French Press over the summer and by all means, coffee in anything but a modern day coffee maker is the best!
it's simple, easy to make and tastes so rich compared to anything else i've ever made coffee in.

You just plug it in and bam....Good Coffee!

The Farberware Percolator is fast.

There are a few Simple Steps:

Open the Lid and Empty the compartments

Fill with water to the line

Scoop your ground coffee into the filter and then attach the inside water line connector to the bottom, slap the filter in that and attach the lids. Plug in and wait 2-3 minutes, you'll have some tasty coffee! 

Before you pour your coffee, take out the grounds and attachments. Stays hot for a while. 
Have you ever used a percolator or french press?!


Jenn said…
Ive had french press coffee before and it is DELICIOUS! So So so yum!
Chrissy said…
I love french press coffee! Here in Europe you kind find tons of cafes with the best coffee! We love going on coffee dates!
Victoria Taylor said…
Coffee dates are theeeee best! wish we lived closer :-)

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