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Hello Bloggers of all Kinds! We MUST get the blog directory up to date. Please leave comments on the category pages you would like to be listed under!!!!! I'm in the midst of adding more and will get all of these listed over the weekend, so comment with your blog links!

This is FREE advertising. We're working on tons of shout outs for all new members and of course {old ones too}, all you have to do is leave some comment love to let us know that we can share you!

Have fun this weekend and check back often for new blogs and fun posts!

These listings are good for a lifetime as long as your links stay up to date. You do not have to do anything other than tell us you want to be added to join this directory. No membership needed. Bare with me while I update everything. In the meantime, look around, say hello to some pretty faces!


Irene Thayer said…
Amazing post dear! Have a nice day:)
Jazz Garcelle said…
Hey girl great post! Happy Halloween! I need to added to the directory

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