Upcoming for November

Good Monday Morning Bloggers! I know, it's Monday; Blah to some but for all of us, it's a great day to start the week fresh and humble!

Join us on our New Instagram 

We're going to be doing a 30 Day Photo Blast giving you one word prompts to start the month of November off. Simply join in every day or some days, you don't have to do them all. It's really just to give you some ideas for posting on social media. Instagram is a nice way to share links to your blogs and gain friends from all over the world. Hashtag #fortheloveofblogs Anytime You Want to Tag Us, FEEL FREE. This will allow us access to SHARE your Instagram to our New Followers and Get Your Blogs Out There! If you want us to randomly share one of your photos and link to you, simply start following us!


We Need Your Votes for BOTM. November is right around the corner and we'd love to share your blog all month long. You'll get a Large Ad over on the sidebar, a welcoming post, several tweets, social media shares, etc. Head Here to Nominate Your Bloggy Bestie. Simply leave a comment with their blog link!!!


I think I am going to try a new feature layout. I will gather all of the featured information for new blogs to be featured, we just need your permission to get you featured and your pictures. If you'd like to be a featured blog with several links to your sites, simply email FTLOBCOMMUNITY at GMAIL dot COM and mention you want to be featured. We'll guide you from there!

Well then! I'm super excited to start mingling again. It's the coziest time of year and grab your hot cups of joe! So happy to be back. Xo have a great week. Stay tuned for more great posts.

If you'd like to guest post, please contact us!


Chrissy said…
Yay, lots of fun stuff going on - I truly missed this! Happy Monday xxx
Victoria Taylor said…
we missed it too! any ideas for fun posts, shoot them our way!! have a nice week

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