One Tip to Get Your Blog Back After You've Taken a Break

it doesn't matter if you've neglected your blogs for a period of time. that's incredibly likely with many bloggers. if you fear that you've left it for so long and can't get it back, don't!!!! act like you were never gone and pick up right where you left off. pretend like your old post from moons ago was just yesterday and tackle a new post from here on out daily!!!

having trouble coming up with new content?

-take a walk with the camera. this gets your mind thinking and some pics along the trail will help you get posts started once again.

want your old and some new readers back?

-join twitter, instagram and google +.....these three sites are great for getting your friends back, just add your new blog posts to your twitter feed, instagram pics and you'll be flaring in no time. sharing links to your blog is genius.

remember that things take time to fall into place, you're back and that's great!


Natalie Juns said…
Thanks for the ideas! I liked the one about taking a walk with your camera. :) I do that all the time!
Victoria Taylor said…
I do too @Natalie it's often that I find a great tree to talk to or a bird or turtle...hehe ! xo
Bev Bouwer said…
Good advice. I'm not great with taking pictures, but I was thinking this morning that the time it takes me to find suitable images, I would be better off taking my own. Thanks
Alida Sharp said…
Thanks for the tips!
Victoria Taylor said…
Absolutely. I think as a beginner you'll find it intriguing and maybe even frustrating but keep at it. You'll get better each new day! I can help you if you need...xo

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