Updated Pages and Links

Hello Bloggers! Welcome back to an amazing, supportive blog community. I've been working on links, pages and editing old pics that may have gotten deleted by some of you and it's taking me quite a bit of time but for the most part, we wanted you to know the important new information to keep in touch and easy to find.


OUR NAVIGATION BAR UP THERE IS ALL UP TO DATE WITH : Blogging Tips, Nominate a Blog, Sponsor Us, Etc. Use those pages to guide you through this site!

There are tons of links and informational posts, when you have a moment to get cozy, feel free to be nosy!

If anyone would like to partner up in being a co-author here on the site, contact me. I will give you more details on how everything will work. If any of my past partners are around, hey!!! give me a call, i know you're all busy with families and life, so i hope all is well!

Would you like to guest post? Please do, we welcome all bloggers!

Vic is famous for Re-Tweeting your blog posts and links to get you more exposure, she enjoys sharing things on Twitter, so please go follow her!!! She will follow all of you back and re-tweet your stuff!

Some of our members have grown so much through this community and that makes me smile! I just wanted you to know that it's a supportive group of bloggers like no other! Jump back in, you'll feel great.


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