Featured Blog: and then, she snapped

Hi! I'm Rachel, and I blog.
I'm addicted to decaf tall vanilla nonfat lattes, and purses. Oh, and shoes, but that's a given, right? I'm married to a super cool dude, and we have three annoying adorable kids. I say we have three kids, but we had four babies. Our third child, Mina, passed away at six days old. That sucked.
I stay home, well, by stay home I mean I drive kids around and go to Target. I also watch way too much tv, spend far too many hours on the internet, and do a ton of online shopping. If you only knew how many things I "add to cart", and never ever buy. There should be some kind of 12 step program to get me off of that, but I guess it's better than buying everything I added to my cart, because then I'd also need a bankruptcy attorney.
My blog is where I do whatever the hell I want. (Isn't that the point of having my own blog?). There you'll find my Dear Charlie letters (written to my favorite youngest child). You'll find a TON of photos, including my completed project 365 where I took and posted a photo every single day for a freaking year. You'll also find show {off} your shot, a weekly photo challenge I host, which is great fun. And even the occassional room makeover. (sometimes I pretend I'm one of those home decor bloggers). In my spare time I also make AWESOME custom camera strap covers. And when you buy one, it helps with my shoe addiction, so that's pretty cool.
I would LOVE if you'd stop by and say hi. I'm so excited to meet you I could jump!
I'll be waiting!
and then, she {snapped} 

Thirsty Thursday : July 4th Style

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Who's ready for a quenching drink and who's thirsty for some more friends?! Grab a cup, click the pic above to grab those delicious recipes and let's enjoy a fabulous day. We're celebrating the upcoming fourth of July here. be sure to check out our newest e-courses. We'll be adding more shortly.

Are you setting those phone alarms for tomorrow's first giveaway. Each day we'll be shooting out a new one. If you'd like to sponsor, head here. Now let's link up, drink up and have a lovely day! If you have a drink recipe to share, please link to the post directly: otherwise just link to your blogs so we can stop by anyways. Enjoy friends.

FTLOB tutorial - how to widen your blog

well hello beautiful faces!  hope you all are having a wonderful day. we thought it was a good time to share another simple tutorial with you all.  today we're sharing with you how to widen your blog beyond 1,000 pixels.

you will want to start by clicking on the "design" section listed on your dasboard

 next select the "edit HTML" option
before making any coding changes to your blog, it is always a good idea to download a full template of your design to your computer first. this way, if something goes wrong you have a back up of your original design.

once you are done downloading your template, you will need to go into the coding and find the wording above.  you can hit control F to specify wording to be found.  type template-skin and it will bring you to this section!
now you will want to find value= on the first line of code.  here you will see the pixel width.  in this example the value is already set to 1000.  you can change this number to whatever you would like.  typically 1100px or 1200px gives you the perfect amount of extra space!

we hope this tutorial was helpful!  we would like to offer more of these for you that are interested.  please leave a message in the comments below if there is something in particular that you would like us to do a tutorial on!

have a beautiful day!

Who's Ready to WIN!?

Okey Dokey Kool Kids! We're just about ready to get this party started. The first giveaway begins on July 1st and you will have only that day to enter to win before we start the next giveaway! Each day will be a new item to win; some giveaways are packages! Now since we have so much going on, we'll put out as many posts as possible but We'd like to keep that giveaway up front and center for that entire day so everyone has a chance and we will be adding a badge up on the header directing to the label "giveaways". So be sure to check them often and scroll down to enter each one. The comments will close at 11:59 est.
As we mentioned before, we have Ahhhhh-Maaaaaa-ZING Sponsors. These lovelies are fabulous and you should love them to pieces for giving such awesome things away. It includes CASH, Summer Fun Items, Gift Cards, Jewelry, Shop credits and More.

Would You like to become a sponsor? You can give an item away or write a post about this event to be included. We'll give you a 140X140 button that will stay up forever.

Email us for more details at bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

Hope to see you there~ also if you are interested in sponsoring this event through tweets, you can also have a button on the sponsor page. We'd like the tweets to be thrown out as often as possible throughout the day and need it to say this:

Join us for the #summergiveawaybash at #ftlob http://bit.ly/aSq0DZ @taylordates #win cash prizes and more! A #giveaway a day in July. PL RT

Just email us your button and we'll include it if you do these things! we thank you and look forward to hosting an amazing time!:)

BE SURE TO GRAB ONE OF THESE FUN BUTTONS to remind you to come back each day!




Looking forward to hosting a fun summer bash. We will try our best at keeping everything flowing smoothly. Let us know if you need anything:

bloglove at aol dot com
ashleyplus3 at yahoo dot com
scenicglory at gmail dot com
datssocute at gmail dot com

Picture Perfect - a new ftlob hop

Hi guys! Today we are starting our new Wednesday photo challenge hop. Our getting fit moved to monthly. We also host an album if you'd like to show off your many photos. But this hop is all about your best photo shots. We want to see those picture perfect photos. They can include any photo you'd like, providing that it is yours. This is a challenge and totally up to you on how you decide to present your photo. Whomever has the most likes at the end of this challenge will win $10 in cash via paypal.com. New prizes each new week. The challenge ends on Tues, the night before we start our new picture perfect.

Some things you can do to your photos; you can leave it original, edit, add frames, borders, text, etc....We're not picky. This is a free for all. We want you to be creative and we want everyone to "Like" their favorite photo. I'm sure you all have gorgeous photos just waiting to be voted on.

  • You MUST link directly to the submitted post, not your blogs. Those will be deleted. 
  • Please submit the photo on the linky thumbnail
  • We'd like to see new photos for this challenge but you may submit old challenges if you don't have anything else.
  • After you submit, ask your friends to "Like" your post here on this linky for your chance to win some cash. 
  • The Winning Photo will also be displayed on next weeks picture perfect post, right here, front and center.  


This Blog of Mine: E-Course

Aside from our blogging tips; This Blog of Mine is our full course on how to run a successful blog, tips on getting started and so much more. We're just a couple of ladies with strong minds and each new day we grow. I'm sure as time goes by, we'll be adding new things to the course, continuing to keep it updated and we'll use it as a learning experience for all of us. At the end of the day it's important to feel accomplished and proud. One of the main things we continue to express is to be YOU and to Love your blog. If anything, we hope you find inspiration, good advice and a long term commitment to your blog throughout this course.

It's good forever. No rushing and no worries. We'll be available throughout the entire thing, you can call, text or email us during this course to get your questions answered asap.

Sessions include:

1.) why start a blog? we go over our summary of why you should/shouldn't start a blog and our top ten reasons to start one.
2.) is blogging for you? we discuss whether or not blogging is for you and how to make it happen otherwise.
3.) what's in a name. how to choose the perfect name for your blog and why it's important to stick to these tips.
4.) we discuss the importance of networking and share our ways to utilize social media sites.
5.) basic designs, image hosting and design sites.
6.) html basics---it causes brain strain but necessary in running a blog.
7.) a look into your posts; covers adding photos, how to post on a day you don't feel like it, what you should post about, how often you should post and more...
8.) how to be a successful blogger; we go over the top 10 ways to be successful. we give you the run down on how to make your blog attractive.
9.) Ashley shares the perfect way to find your voice!
10.) We share our experiences on blogging with pride.
11.) There is a variety of Photography Tips separated into different posts giving you the basics from fashion shoots to taking good pics with your phone.
12.) Tips on Hosting a Giveaway (Bonus)
13.) My take on Cliques-Get on some real shit! (Bonus) Yes, I put some drama in there. What's a blog without it?
14.) How to Vlog via Vlog-Kate is an amazing vlogger, singer who shares her list of tips on how to vlog--video is wonderful! (Bonus)
15.) Love your Blog-this is a very short post but I think I get the message across loud and clear. (Bonus)
16.) Finding Inspiration-this post is about being inspired and being an inspiration. (Bonus)
17.) Healthy Promoting--we share the top 10 greatest ways to promote your blog without stooping to a level of Shameless Self-Promoting. I saved the best for last and think it's something that most people never think about doing.
18.) On following blogs, comments and more. (Bonus)
19.) Tips on how to post blog comments. No shameless self-promoting, you can get many more followers by being real.
20.) Blogging for Business and turning a personal blog into a business blog.
21.) Time is important and you need to have that management to be successful.

and more......

There are 50 posts---straight to the point and we invite you to become a student. Whether you are a new blogger looking for direction or you have had a blog for some time and you may need that extra boost. Hopefully everyone will learn something new. If you don't have a blog yet---this is PERFECT for you!

Contact Us for more details!

Featured Blog: Change on the Fly

Hey Everyone :)  My little corner of the world wide web is titled Change On The Fly.  I don't have a super-specific 'theme' behind it, but it is mostly about my life as an American 'hockey wife' living in Finland, and more recently, about our struggles with multiple miscarriages and attempting to start a family. 

that's me! :)
I was born and raised in the Midwestern U.S.  I was taken to my first hockey game at 3 days old... and I haven't been able to get away from rinks since.  I paraded around those cold arenas in my little pink snowsuits like I owned the place.  I started playing hockey at age 3 1/2, following in the footsteps of my older brothers. 

I must have been a confused child, because half the time I wanted everything pink, frilly, and girly... and the other half I was just one of the "boys".  My Christmas presents consisted of a mix between dolls and doll accessories, and hockey equipment.  Now, obviously at a young age I had no idea what life had in store for me... but at age 8, some crazy foreshadowing took place in my little pink-and-white-hearts diary...

Yup, that's the real deal.  Written by yours truly, 1995. 

Fast forward 8 years and 9 days to 2003, and who do I meet?  My cute boy!  Where do you ask? (Do you even have to ask?)  The hockey arena, of course! 

Skating at the Frog Pond in Boston, 2006
So here we are, 8 years later, married and embarking on our professional hockey journey together. 

Our Wedding Day: June 26, 2010
I have since quit playing hockey after high school, but am still completely amused by the look on people's faces when they hear I used to play.  "What? You must be kidding"  "Yea, right!" "YOU played HOCKEY?!?... no way... you're way too small!"  (I am all of 5'1 [on a good day] and healthy-but-petite framed)  I also get a lot of people that start speaking to me (as a hockey wife) assuming that I know nothing about the sport.  The look on their face is equally amusing when i respond with something to the effect of:  "Actually, I think that was a great penalty to take.  The guy totally had him on the outside, and the goalie had all the wrong angles.  It would have been a goal for sure."  Note to those out there: not all hockey wives are clueless about the game.  In fact, most that I know are the opposite.  Further proof that beauty and brains can coexist.. :)

Though hockey consumes a large part of our lives, I make it a large point to myself and my husband to define ourselves with things other than just hockey.  We both have hobbies and interests outside of the hockey world, both as a couple and separately.  I like to run, scrapbook, have become more and more into trying different wines, and have a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Hubby especially likes to golf and play tennis, and has a degree in Business Marketing and Managment.  Together, we enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, and cooking.

my cheerleader at the finish line of my 4th place
finish in the quarter marathon! :)
We are, however, extremely thankful for everything that hockey has given us in life.  Great memories, great friends, great opportunties, and most importantly.... EACH OTHER!

We also recently started attempting to expand our little family.  There have been a lot of ups and downs in the process, including the 2 miscarriages we've suffered.  You can read about this story here.  I've expanded my blog to talk about something so personal in hopes of it creating a supportive environment for other women who have experienced similar losses, and to educate and inspire others.

I hope you enjoy my blog and the interesting (and not so interesting) stories of our crazy lives. 

Change on the Fly: My Life as a Hockey Wife

Tasty Tuesday

Oh my goodness I've got something fun and different for you guys today. Look at this...
I mean, SO cute. And guess what, that little treat that doggy is salivating over is an actual dog treat... a peanut butter and banana pupcake. Seriously! I know lots of you FTLOBers are also dog lovers and owners so I thought you might enjoy a special recipe for your pooch. Head on over to Sweetly Made for an adorable post and tasty recipe!

And while we're doing things a little different today, check out these chickpea chocolate chip cookies! What a way to sneak something healthy into your kids. Or yourself. Hop by It Happens at Dinner for more cool recipes.

Have fun, be kind and enjoy what everyone is serving today! XO



Featured Blog: Al's Narratives

Hi everyone!
My name is Autumn and I blog over at Al's Narratives when I’m not picking up sweet gigs like this.
When I was trying to decide what to write for this post, I thought, “What are a few of my favorite things?”
Easy enough, right?
Negative ghost-rider.
Let’s see, I love: Jesus, Utah, Coldplay, running, smoothies, photography, crafting, writing, hiking, children, Mormons, baking and a plethora of other things. But I can’t keep you here all day, lest you get fired from your job or neglect the children sitting at your feet.
I decided to keep it simple. My best friend once told me, “I don’t read your blog because there are too many words. I just look at the pictures.”
And who knows? Maybe you are like my best friend.
If you are, this post is light on the words and heavy on the pictures.
Is that okay?
Here are my Top 10 Favorite Pictures that I have ever taken:
Phew, that was an eye-entertaining experience. (Say that ten times really fast!)
Oh, what’s that? You want a button?
Wait no longer, dear friend!
Can I call you friend?

codes here

I am Al and a glass of lemonade will be waiting for you over here.


The Look Book

hello beautiful friends! we hope you had a wonderful weekend. we are kicking things off with another look book link up! stop on over and say hi to our featured look book girl, make a new friend and lets see what you've been wearing.

just a few things before you get started...we have decided to do a look book link up once a month. this will be open for the next 30 days and then a new fresh one will be posted. feel free to link as many outfits as you would like...there are no limits! as long as you, your kiddos, or your friends are wearing the clothes that is perfectly fine with us!  

have fun with it...we can't wait to see what you've put together!!

p.s.  if you would like to be featured in next months new look book post, leave us a comment below with your links!

Who's Our Next BOTM? Voting Poll

It's time to Vote for our July Blog of the Month. Since the new layout, not as many seem to be that interested- which is good for the few nominees, I guess! I try to make this place as easy to navigate as possible so if something needs to be changed please let us know.

Coming Soon: Best in Category. This is the same concept as BOTM but every category will get a Best Blog Title. Details will be out shortly, so be sure you are linked up.

To nominate a favorite blog of yours for August, head here and leave a simple comment with their url.

To Vote for your Favorite Blog for July whom will be getting an introductory post, a link on the very top of the site See Where it Says Blog of the Month? Click that to see who your new friend will be. And a large Ad placed below the small ads.

The Nominees were:

King Corvid

A Sparrow's Flight

Truly Lovely

The other nominees not included were either nominated by themselves {not allowed} or not a member. So when nominating a blog, mention that you nominated them so they can come on over! xo

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