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Hey Everyone :)  My little corner of the world wide web is titled Change On The Fly.  I don't have a super-specific 'theme' behind it, but it is mostly about my life as an American 'hockey wife' living in Finland, and more recently, about our struggles with multiple miscarriages and attempting to start a family. 

that's me! :)
I was born and raised in the Midwestern U.S.  I was taken to my first hockey game at 3 days old... and I haven't been able to get away from rinks since.  I paraded around those cold arenas in my little pink snowsuits like I owned the place.  I started playing hockey at age 3 1/2, following in the footsteps of my older brothers. 

I must have been a confused child, because half the time I wanted everything pink, frilly, and girly... and the other half I was just one of the "boys".  My Christmas presents consisted of a mix between dolls and doll accessories, and hockey equipment.  Now, obviously at a young age I had no idea what life had in store for me... but at age 8, some crazy foreshadowing took place in my little pink-and-white-hearts diary...

Yup, that's the real deal.  Written by yours truly, 1995. 

Fast forward 8 years and 9 days to 2003, and who do I meet?  My cute boy!  Where do you ask? (Do you even have to ask?)  The hockey arena, of course! 

Skating at the Frog Pond in Boston, 2006
So here we are, 8 years later, married and embarking on our professional hockey journey together. 

Our Wedding Day: June 26, 2010
I have since quit playing hockey after high school, but am still completely amused by the look on people's faces when they hear I used to play.  "What? You must be kidding"  "Yea, right!" "YOU played HOCKEY?!?... no way... you're way too small!"  (I am all of 5'1 [on a good day] and healthy-but-petite framed)  I also get a lot of people that start speaking to me (as a hockey wife) assuming that I know nothing about the sport.  The look on their face is equally amusing when i respond with something to the effect of:  "Actually, I think that was a great penalty to take.  The guy totally had him on the outside, and the goalie had all the wrong angles.  It would have been a goal for sure."  Note to those out there: not all hockey wives are clueless about the game.  In fact, most that I know are the opposite.  Further proof that beauty and brains can coexist.. :)

Though hockey consumes a large part of our lives, I make it a large point to myself and my husband to define ourselves with things other than just hockey.  We both have hobbies and interests outside of the hockey world, both as a couple and separately.  I like to run, scrapbook, have become more and more into trying different wines, and have a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Hubby especially likes to golf and play tennis, and has a degree in Business Marketing and Managment.  Together, we enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, and cooking.

my cheerleader at the finish line of my 4th place
finish in the quarter marathon! :)
We are, however, extremely thankful for everything that hockey has given us in life.  Great memories, great friends, great opportunties, and most importantly.... EACH OTHER!

We also recently started attempting to expand our little family.  There have been a lot of ups and downs in the process, including the 2 miscarriages we've suffered.  You can read about this story here.  I've expanded my blog to talk about something so personal in hopes of it creating a supportive environment for other women who have experienced similar losses, and to educate and inspire others.

I hope you enjoy my blog and the interesting (and not so interesting) stories of our crazy lives. 

Change on the Fly: My Life as a Hockey Wife


Slidecutter said…
Enjoyed your post, definitely interesting from where I'm sitting! It's also wonderful that you've reached out to support others who have suffered a miscarriage!

Looking forward to reading more...congrats on being featured!
CMD said…
yay, this made my afternoon to log on and see this!! Thanks for featuring my blog, ladies! And thank you, Slidecutter :) :)
Remy said…
WOOOOT HOCKEY! Congrats on your feature!!
Cool button! Gotta love a wedding photo shoot in a hockey arena! ;) There are lots of "hockey wives" around FTLOB. And they are some of the best ladies! Glad to see another!
Cheryl said…
From Australia to Finland a big hello! Came here from Ramblings of a Diva and am incredibly impressed with your 2214 followers and here I am getting excited about nearing 100! Loved this post and your story so I'm going to become number 2215!
Cheryl said…
As I hit the button my brain went "no wait, this is a guest post!" Too late! Well I'm sure your own story is fabulous too so am following anyway and will skip over to "Change on the Fly" and follow there too! Thanks for having such a great guest poster!
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary! Congrats on being featured. I feel like I could have wrote a letter similar to that when I was little. :)
good post. newest follower. come visit!
Alex said…
Great feature!...it takes great courage to talk about everything you have been through trying to start a family...

and you were the cutest hockey player at 3.. adorable!
Laura said…
Love this blog :) So glad you featured her!!!! And i'm so glad I got to read the whole story behind everything! :)


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