Who's Ready to WIN!?

Okey Dokey Kool Kids! We're just about ready to get this party started. The first giveaway begins on July 1st and you will have only that day to enter to win before we start the next giveaway! Each day will be a new item to win; some giveaways are packages! Now since we have so much going on, we'll put out as many posts as possible but We'd like to keep that giveaway up front and center for that entire day so everyone has a chance and we will be adding a badge up on the header directing to the label "giveaways". So be sure to check them often and scroll down to enter each one. The comments will close at 11:59 est.
As we mentioned before, we have Ahhhhh-Maaaaaa-ZING Sponsors. These lovelies are fabulous and you should love them to pieces for giving such awesome things away. It includes CASH, Summer Fun Items, Gift Cards, Jewelry, Shop credits and More.

Would You like to become a sponsor? You can give an item away or write a post about this event to be included. We'll give you a 140X140 button that will stay up forever.

Email us for more details at bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

Hope to see you there~ also if you are interested in sponsoring this event through tweets, you can also have a button on the sponsor page. We'd like the tweets to be thrown out as often as possible throughout the day and need it to say this:

Join us for the #summergiveawaybash at #ftlob http://bit.ly/aSq0DZ @taylordates #win cash prizes and more! A #giveaway a day in July. PL RT

Just email us your button and we'll include it if you do these things! we thank you and look forward to hosting an amazing time!:)

BE SURE TO GRAB ONE OF THESE FUN BUTTONS to remind you to come back each day!




Looking forward to hosting a fun summer bash. We will try our best at keeping everything flowing smoothly. Let us know if you need anything:

bloglove at aol dot com
ashleyplus3 at yahoo dot com
scenicglory at gmail dot com
datssocute at gmail dot com


TexaGermaNadian said…
Eeee! Looking forward to it all!
I tweeted! Can't wait to see what's up for grabs!!!
Remy said…
I am SO in. Posting up a button in my sidebar as we speak.
sécia said…
This is awesome! Can't wait!

♥ sécia
Ross said…
Can't wait this is going to be great!!
Jhan said…
This is so awesomely amazing! I will set a daily reminder to check out giveaways. :-)
Sherri said…
Exxxxciting!!! Posting a button! You ladies rock, seriously:)
pamela r said…
grabbed a button and on my way to tweet!

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