Who's Our Next BOTM? Voting Poll

It's time to Vote for our July Blog of the Month. Since the new layout, not as many seem to be that interested- which is good for the few nominees, I guess! I try to make this place as easy to navigate as possible so if something needs to be changed please let us know.

Coming Soon: Best in Category. This is the same concept as BOTM but every category will get a Best Blog Title. Details will be out shortly, so be sure you are linked up.

To nominate a favorite blog of yours for August, head here and leave a simple comment with their url.

To Vote for your Favorite Blog for July whom will be getting an introductory post, a link on the very top of the site See Where it Says Blog of the Month? Click that to see who your new friend will be. And a large Ad placed below the small ads.

The Nominees were:

King Corvid

A Sparrow's Flight

Truly Lovely

The other nominees not included were either nominated by themselves {not allowed} or not a member. So when nominating a blog, mention that you nominated them so they can come on over! xo

Vote Now


KY said…
WOOOHOOO Good luck Kassi!!!!!!
Joyful Sparrow said…
Oh, what an honor, and a lovely surprise to be nominated! Thank you!
King Corvid said…
Whoa, hey! Cool! I'll be holding it down for all the nerdy gamerdads out there. :D
Alessandra said…
Another great idea. I'm about to go vote. :)
How exciting!!! Thanks to Kym and Lisa for the nominations!!! :) And thanks to everyone who votes!!!
Kat said…
Aw a daddy story! I love it
jc said…
Good Luck Kassi, truly deserved!

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