Thirsty Thursday

happy thirsty thursday friends. we are so glad you are pulling up a chair right now and sipping on a yummy drink. whatever it may be, we hope you will raise that glass and share your thirst with us today. with all that is going on here at ftlob, you are going to need a drink, so if you have yet to grab one: go on, we'll wait!

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Picture of German Chocolate Cake Recipe

today's drink is brought to us by the lovely From High Heels To Sneakers

Chocolate Cake Shot-
2 oz. of Grey Goose (or whatever Vodka floats your boat) Chill in Freezer!
2 oz. of Frangelico Liqueur
1 Lemon Wedge
suga and ice! 

Fill shaker with ice
Add Vodka and Frangelico
Shake to mix
Dip Lemon Wedge into Sugar
Pour drink into shot glasses
Bite the lemon w/sugar and follow with shot

Wow! sounds Fab! i'm a lemon shot kinda gal but this will be a new must try! 
thanks for sharing!~

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shah wharton said…
Hey ladies - just stopping by to say hello - hope youre looking forward to a mellow weekend - loving this choccie drinky too! Delicsiou.


Oh - Please put your buttons on my Directories page. There's linky's there needing attention. Want to share you with the blogging world!! ;)

Shah at
posidanielle said…
I am totally going to have a drink tonight!! My weekend starts now at 6:25am!!! Of course I will waituntil a more decent hour to get my drink on, but after the last few days of work..I totally need a monster margarita!

I hope all you beauties have a fabulous day!
Jessica said…
Oh my gosh you guys have a lot going on, I need to spend a couple hours here.

Have a great day!
victoria hughes said…
i'm only drinking coffee because of dear old classes so someone please take a sip of a stronger drink for me :) happy thursday!
peace. love. create.
Jennifer Kay said…
Good morning guys - I took down my FTLOB button last night because somebody is updating my webpage this week with links and I've put the button in there for now.

Happy Thursday!
Crystal said…
That drink looks awesome...I'm sipping on coffee now with 2 sick dudes :( Hopefully they aren't too needy and I can visit a bunch of blogs!! Happy Thursday.
Oh my, that reminds me to water my cacti. They're thirsty on Thursdays. Yay!
Mmmm... that drink sounds awesome!! Sounds like a great way to warm up on my snow day! LOL!
Everytime I come there's something new going on here! Love it! :) Almost the weekend!
Poekitten said…
I'm enjoying a cup of mint green tea...perfect on this chilly day! Hope everyone who was snowed in is getting out:) Happy Thursday everyone!
b. lee said…
happy FRIDAY eve all :D
Mary said…
Hope you have a Lovely Friday!

Thanks for hosting the Hop!


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