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Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, you will get brain farts and not really know what to post sometimes. It happens. Let's give some topics so you can whiff that fart goodbye!

1.) Share more of your photography and offer tips to those who don't know how to take photographs. I'm personally a really picky picture taker, so I tend to throw out a few of my shots and when I'm bored, I grab the camera and take some photos of anything around me. The thing that sucks about me, is that I don't really know how to teach someone how to take pics, so share that for me please!!!!

2.) What I Wore. Hellooooooo!! Fashion is the way to go when you have no clue what to post about. If you don't normally get dressed to post, then this is a really fun activity for you and for everyone reading. Gather your outfit and go on a photo shoot. Grab a friend to take your pics for you and pose. Pose away, have fun and then share it!!!

3.) Food. It's the obvious when there is nothing else on your mind. I personally HATE food posts but LOVE them when I'm in a POST RUTTTTT! I'm not a foodie but I almost always have my camera on me when we're out and about. Share the restaurant you're dining at or if you don't normally share your meals//desserts, get some of the food porn on.

4.) How To's. How easy is it to share what you know! Don't keep secrets, tell us how you do things, keep us in the loop and help out another blogger.

5.) Take us down memory lane. When you began blogging, did you get a ton of views on your first post? Re-post, edit and share it. Did you forget to TELL us about the birth of your eldest? What about that time you.......Post your memories, what you've learned, where you've been. Life flies by. Don't miss a post!!!

6.) Tattoos. Don't have one? Go get one and share the experience. The artist doesn't mind taking pics of the process. It's actually a fucking fabulous excuse to go get one or get another one!!!

7.) Before and Afters. Everyone loves seeing what something looked like before and obviously the after. Take on a project if you don't often get a chance and then share it.

8.) Feature another blogger. We're famous for that here on FTLOB and we absolutely LOVE sharing you.

9.) Countdowns are really fun posts when you don't know what to post about. Top 10's, top 20's, my favorite places/foods/movies/books, etc....etc..... This gives you the chance to tell us your top's!!!

10.) Vlog. Post a VLOG! Need a topic to talk about while you're video taping yourself, maybe even for the first time?!!!!........Tell everyone that FTLOB is challenging you to VLOG. Introduce yourself, your blog, why you started blogging and how you came about. For everyone who posts a new VLOG, we'll share on twitter and instagram and give you the exposure you darlings deserve. Leave comments with links and share yourselves. XOXO



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