14 August 2012

Confused? Lost!

Hello FTLOB'ers//IB4M lovers....I currently made a boo-boo on IB4M and now i have no idea how to get the dashboard back onto that wordpress site. This site originally linked directly to that site but since that site is frozen due to that theme i installed, there is no point to not have a site working.

I tried following the steps to fix it under FileZilla but that still isn't allowing me to get into anything. I'm not sure if I should just keep that name and start over here directing the url to this blogger site or keep the For the Love of Blogs name and start where we left off from there. What totally sucks is that the IB4M posts are all gone unless I get back in there somehow? I don't know. I spent six hours today trying to google and read/follow instructions on how to fix but nothing is working. I even called go daddy who has my plan and told them to set up a website through them versus wordpress but again, I'd lose everything and that's just a hot mess to start completely over.

What should we do here? Chime in. Do You like the I Blog 4 Me name or would you like something like this For the love of blogs to take over again???? Helpppppp!

30 December 2011

Featured Blog-Happy Bow lucky

Hellooooo, blog friends! :)
So nice to meet all of you.

I'm Chelsea and I blog over at www.happybowlucky.blogspot.com!

Please come check it out sometime.
I promise to make you feel REAL welcome.
Back to the good stuff.

I'm 19 years old.
I love Jesus with ALL of my being.
I'm ALMOST engaged to this guy pictured below! :)

(I know, I know. Gorgeous. And hilarious, too.)
I have the best family ever.
I have a heart for missions.

And I'm currently going to school online to be a teacher.
But I don't want to be a teacher anymore.

(Wanna know why?)
Come on over!!

(That's an evil smiley face. ^^^ In case you were wondering.)

What else?
OH! I just recently started blogging.
So if you come SOON…
you will have hardly missed a THING!
And I promise it only gets more interesting.

I mean, what is more interesting than me being a 2-headed monster? NOTHING. That's what.
(I'm the one on the right.....)
I have such good stories to tell!
Things like….
My boyfriend throwing dirt in my mouth…. (He's such a sweetheart.)
Catching my mom & dad doing Turbo Jam together…. (Hilarious.)
My awesome BLONDE moments.
Like mixing ingredients by HAND – quite literally!
(Which EVERYONE loves to make fun of me for!)
Or that one time I....
Nah. I think I'll save that story for later. ;)

(This was me in high school, btw. No jokes, please.)
I am sharing it JUST because I think it's hilarious.
And if you wanna know the story behind it, just COME TO MY BLOG! :)

It's a lot of fun.
I promise you'll have a good time.

(Did I mention I like to fish? No? That's because I don't! I just grew up doing it. My family does
it, my boyfriend does it, and I occasionally do it. I like to be on the water, but I hate catching fishies. And putting the worms on hooks. Poor fishies. Poor worms.)

Better get your booty on over.
Follow me!
On bloglovin'.
I don't have FB right now.


Come by!
Introduce yourself.
Feel relaxed and at home.

I promise it will be worth your while. :)
And let's be friends.

chelsea leigh

P.S. The first 2 pictures of me are recent!
But the rest of these pictures are like SUPER old.
Like.... a few years worth.
I never have anyone around me when I'm looking good enough for pics. :)
But it will get better.

Hope to talk to you soon! :)


29 December 2011

Soul Singing Liv

Sponsor LOVE
--we asked these fun questions for you--
What do you do to pamper yourself on the days you have off?
I make myself the biggest cup of tea possible, cuddle up on our big couch, and catch up on my DVR. After filling my brain with such thought provoking shows such as Project Runway and The Vampire Diaries, I take a long bath and read a few pages of whatever book I'm reading at the time. Is there anything better than taking a bath in the middle of the day? I think not. This is all happening while simultaneously running after my children, of course, so it's in small doses. But I try to get a dose, nonetheless.
When I was a kid, I remember being surrounded by cousins and playing for hours in the woods behind our house. We used to build the most elaborate forts and go fishing in the creek on our property. We played until our mamas called us in for supper, our imaginations running wild, our lungs full of fresh air, our laughter filling the trees. It was the best.
My daily fix is black tea and the newspaper before anyone else wakes up. Those few minutes of quiet, catching up on the news, starting my day with a little peaceful moment.
If you could have your dream shop {or if you already do} what would it be, describe it.
My best friend and I have big dreams to someday start our own line of natural skin care products. I'd love to have a space filled with local made goods: soaps, candles, jewelry, a co-op for local makers of natural things. Now if I can just convince my husband to let me buy a couple of goats...

Picture Perfect: Anything Goes

Happy Thursday to everyone. Did you survive the holiday weekend? Did you take a lot of pictures? Good! Because you can put them to use on our We Love Photography Group. Week#8 Photo challenge has just started, so hop on over and join in.

I was extremely pleased with the number of photos uploaded during this past week's challenge. Even in the busy holiday rush, you lovely people took time to enjoy the photography challenge. And for that, I thank you kindly!

Look at this lovely photo

This is from Becky. Is there anything more precious than this?

There were so many other fabulous photos.A vintage style Christmas picture from Kim, Larissa's wet toes,
Sarah's B&W picture of a deer in her yard, Kate's photo of rain on a window, cranberries, old bridges, and so many more. Please go view these and drop a kind note of encouragement to these lovely ladies.

Great job everyone! I hope you all enjoy a fantastic day.

28 December 2011

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