5 Inexpensive Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm far from the materialistic, go all out and splurge on unnecessary, unwanted gifts anyways! Who else is with me on being simple, creative and CHEAP???

In my book, there is nothing more special than a homemade, creative gift to shower your loved ones with and on a budget, since times are tough for a lot of people! Besides, they're more fun this way!!!!

1.) Fill a Mason Jar. Last year I filled a vintage jar with a ton of pennies. Who doesn't have a crap load of pennies lying around? I placed a craft labeling tag around the twine and wrote, "LUCKY PENNY JAR" on it. She absolutely loved it! You can fill it with anything: ex: old pics of you two, keys, marbles, food|dessert ingredients, gumballs, candy, love letters on post it notes, bath accessories, just to name a few!!

 2.) Bake Cookies. Baking is one of the best gifts ever and so inexpensive! bake a dessert and package it for gift giving!

3.) Puzzles. Who doesn't love a good puzzle? the best gift: doing it with them!!!

4.) Basket Full of Anythings. Grab a basket or a hamper you haven't used in a while and start searching the house for unused items you have that you don't need anymore! I do this every year. It's efficient and so great to get rid of things I don't even use!!!! Basically you can fill a basket with anything:

household items
a mix of items
coffee and mugs
bathroom supplies {soaps, lotions, etc}
personal: photo frames of you guys, journals, written notes|letters, a bottle of wine, candles, etc

Wrap with a red bow and tag, all set!!! xo

5.) Lottery Tickets. Throw some tickets in a card, you're good! easy and cheap!

Have fun this holiday season. Don't go all out, be creative!!! xoxo


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