Some Staging Tips + Coffee |Because I Need More|

Typically, I suck when it comes to staging for photos and I really love photos around this time of year, so take a look at some delightful homes for the holidays and share your tips as well!

1.) Don't Go All Out. Keep it simple, elegant and classy. Less is More!
2.) Grab some things that you can mix and match! Nothing has to be the same!
3.) White is Wonderful but add some colors!
4.) I appreciate white backgrounds versus colored because you can see the items you're trying to show off way better!
5.) BRING THE OUTDOORS IN- add some branches or pick a few flowers to throw in an old mug/glass. It's amazing what the nature from outside looks like and it makes you feel tons better! Mood enhancer!
6.) Toss wine into a photo and it's smooth sailing!
7.) Take the photo a little closer, cutting off parts of the item.
8.) Lighting is so important. Dark rooms reek ugly. Open window curtains, blinds and turn the lights on.
9.) Turn off your flash. Better photos are taken with natural light not flash.
10.) I already mentioned less is more but de-clutter! Clear spaces and start fresh, all over again. And google some ideas. Share them in a comment below.

and now some coffee because i found an amazing site with guess what.....? none other than coffee + bloggers! co check them out, browse and enjoy the rest of the week. stay tuned for a $50 Giveaway to BEEWHIMSY.COM and some upcoming featured posts of more fabulous blogs!
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