Winter Walks + New Blogger Talks

During Christmas Break many of us get a chance to relax and get that blog reading caught up, so we wanted to link you to the endless bloggers who wouldn't mind that extra comment love! While sipping hot cocoa around the fire, mingling with family and friends and just plain chillaxin', we'll give you enough blogs to stalk in your down time!!!

Click the pic above to see the Guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Europe
Want to become a better morning person? For a long time, I hated waking up early but as I've grown older and changed my habits, routines, started drinking coffee daily, I became that MORNING MOMMY. Click the pic to read through these great tips to get you off to being an EARLY BIRD!!!


who doesn't need a little design inspiration. look at this lovely little nook!

the above is also a fashion blogger, crave the style ladies!!!

Neely was a new blogger once too and has been a long time FTLOB member, look at where she is now! Way to Go. Congrats on your Blogging Success, you indeed look stunning my friend!!!!

"whatever do you need in such a world that's already filled with so much?"

i love creating my own quotes ♥  

as mentioned in this post, i found a new site that loves blogs just as much as we.....check out the section FRIDAY FIVE and meet some new faces!

HEY! GET EXCITED ABOUT A GIVEAWAY -  BEE WHIMSY is graciously offering $50 for one lucky USA winner to splurge the GLITZ. Stay Tuned, Coming Very Soon.

if you're interested in a hosted giveaway by us, please see the contact page

i'd love to take a walk down memory lane and start our look book features once again. before, we ran a ton of hops and i'm not so sure i love them so much anymore, so i'd like to host a look book feature on Wednesdays starting next week. Fashion Bloggers Needed. Send yours in!

and since i'm such a hog, here's a super delicious food blogger to stalk


Chrissy said…
I love the list of the best European Christmas markets! I have been to the one in Nuremberg (N├╝rnberg) as it is not far away from us - it is really beautiful and magical! xxx
Oh, Yes! I love this time of year! Everywhere is just beautiful! xoxo happy holidays

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