Featured Blog: Where is my Instruction Manual

Hi there, FTLOB readers!  I'm Jessica, and I blog at where is my instruction manual...  I started blogging just over a year ago for reasons unknown.  I just dove in, and I have loved every minute of the conversation, community, and friendship that blogging has brought my way.
My husband and I have been married for six years, and we have an adorable, spunky, independent toddler who takes up most of our time and attention.
Meet Cara.
On the blog, I share a lot of our successes, failures, joys, and frustrations that come along with raising a toddler.  As a first time mommy, I often feel a little clueless about the "right" way to parent, but I'm learning as I go.  Being a mommy has changed me fundamentally, but I would never go back!
In my spare time, I teach high school English; finding the balance between work and home has been tough for me.  I also like to cook and sew, so I share quite a few of those projects on the blog as well.  I hope you'll come visit me at where is my instruction manual... and join in the conversation, community, and friendship!

Featured Blog: Women Rockin' The Road

Hello dear new reader/writer!!! 
My name is Sarah and I've been traveling for the past year plus with my husband and it rocked!
I met a fellow travel blogger named Kyria in Malawi Africa at a bus stop one year ago along with our significant others and ever since, we've stayed in touch reading each other's blogs while continuing our travels in different parts of the world!  She continually inspired me thru her blog to keep updating my travel blog, which in turn inspired the idea for this very blog!
I've been waking up with a particular thought every morning that there should be somewhere (via internet or otherwise) for women who love to travel to be able to share their stories and experiences that they've had/are having/will have on the road with fellow lady travelers!  
Funny. Sad.  Crazy. Tiring.  Death defying.
People screaming angrily at you in other languages.
People laughing at you, but you don't know why.
Men hitting on you and you aren't quite sure how to react!
Perhaps you've been there?
Let's face it, there are plenty of hilarious/weird/awkward moments on the road that happen to us, but sometimes you may not want to post it on your own blog where Uncle Bob might read it and accidentally have a heart attack!
Kyria and I want to create a place for women to have a voice in their experiences as travelers....memories, places, photos, things, cultures, stories, transportation nightmares and all the thoughts and feelings that come with it!  If you've been or want to be on a dusty road somewhere, your thoughts are welcome here!  Please share your stories, lists, photos and crazy moments with us!
Come check out our How Do You Rock page, where you can share some of  YOUR stories with us!
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Picture Perfect {Trees}

welcome to picture perfect where we share our love for photography-this weeks theme is trees, plants, anything related

Due to the high volume of link-ups not related to the contest, you are strongly urged to participate accordingly-Don't Link if you are not playing, save those for other hops where we have no rules!
You have all week to play, the linky stays open until next tues at midnight est.

Last Weeks Baby Winner is-
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Featured Blog: Grace, Hope and Frugal Things

Hey there! My name is Erin (or MommaStJ) and I blog at Grace, Hope and Frugal Things.

Me in a nutshell: writer, momma, wife to a Canadian, founder of a non-profit organization, lover of pancakes&pickles and all things Jane Austin.

I've been blogging since the days of Xanga and Livejournal. Granted my posts contained mostly "omg I LOVE him" and "then I ate an oreo and watched TV for two hours" because the idea behind blogging was lost on a preteen, boy crazed, homeschooler. But blogging nonetheless. Then after a boyfriend broke my heart via Xanga, I broke up with blogging. It took some major changes in my life to bring me and blogging back together.

#1. My father was diagnosed with ALS in 2008. He was given 3-5 years to live. ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, is fatal. There is no treatment. There is no cure. There are no survivors. He can no longer eat, talk, or even write to us. His optimism and unbelievable Faith has been a bittersweet thing to witness.

Unless I write my feelings, I rarely show them. This caused some issues when I would have mental breakdowns about my dad’s diagnosis, and my husband had no idea how to handle me. Enter blogging.

#2. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Aubrielle, in September of 2010. As I said before, I struggle with showing emotion, and I really don't like being touched. When I was pregnant I really, really didn't like being touched. So in the weeks leading up to her birth, I became increasingly anxious that I would suffer from postpartum depression, since I couldn't imagine being a mother, or a good one at least. But we were blessed with a healthy daughter with a wonderful personality. She and I mesh like nothing else. She is a creature of comfort, just like her Momma. She made me want to be better for her. Enter blogging

#3. So I had my daughter, and lost all the baby weight within a month. Yay, good for me! Or not. I gained over 40lbs in the first 8 months of marriage. My husband said I looked fine, but I had no self esteem. I never wore makeup and only wore baggy sweaters. That was a far cry from the Victoria Secret Bikinis I strutted around in on our honeymoon. I needed to make a change, for me, my husband, my marriage, my daughter. I needed motivation and accountability. Enter blogging

Now I am 24 lbs thinner, hopelessly in love with my little girl, and recently organized a 5K to bring awareness to ALS. I wouldn't go as far as to say blogging saved my life, but it has helped me do things I never thought I could before.

The sense of community from fellow bloggers is a blessing. I can write a review on a baby toy, a recipe, a reflection on my life, or just a few pictures and my readers read, reach out, and accept me. While I am still new to the sponsor, giveaway, advertise, grab button blogging world, I am excited to see where this journey takes me.

Come by my blog GH&FT- I'm excited to meet you!

Featured Blog: Rock The Kasbah

This is me and my family a few years ago in Colorado Springs. And yes, I am the proud stay at home mom of two sons and two reindeer. This was before we got the opportunity of a life time. We've always wanted to give our kids a global perspective. So when the Peace Corps came calling, we were ready. We rented out our house, said good-bye to our friends, loaded up on sunscreen and headed here, to Morocco for two years.

Having done this whole moving overseas things before I can tell you that it is much easier to move to Europe with younger more oblivious children than to move to Africa with tween kids. See my oldest is now 12 and has that obligatory preteen angst. I have two others following close behind at 11 and 10 and then the baby of the family is 6. Except don't call her a baby or she will sumo wrestle you to the ground until you eat those words. I said eat those words!

The idea of living the simple life in Africa was so appealing. Then we moved here and I realized, nothing in Africa is simple. The long list of complicated things includes food shopping, driving, finding stuff for my kids to do, trying to get money out of the atm and attempting to buying something with my credit card, just to name a few. And what complicates the complicated list even more? I
don't speak French or Arabic.

In the meantime I have become fantastic at charades and smiling both genuinely and sarcastically and everything in between. Although the American cultural phenomenon of smiling can get you into trouble here. In the incommunicado interum, my kids have already become swear lingual on the bus to school. Yes, it’s universal that kids learn the first words of a new language in swears and on the bus to school.

But our biggest goal? To do as much travel as possible.
So we've been to:
Spain (Where my prepubescent boys saw their first glimpse of topless sunbathing.)
France (Where we ate our first and hopefully only $100 breakfast.)
Italy (Where we saw St. Catherine's centuries old severed decaying head in a church.)
Sahara Dessert (Where we rode camels and got the condition known as camel crotch.)
And Egypt (Twice actually. See the first time they didn't let us through passport control and we lived in the terminal at the airport for 40 hours before being deported. Our second trip there was right after the revolution and we thwarted the US Embassy's travel warning not to go.
As for me, I document the journey and it's always an adventure. So come check out what we're up to now at www.rockthekasbahafrica.blogspot.com

Oh and here’s my grab button:

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Beware---Do NOT Click on the Site Mentioned Below

Hey friends! Many of you have been asking about the Gothise.com site where you look at your stats and see where your traffic is coming from and their site happens to be first on the list. This site is hacking our blog links to get us to click on their site and become a member. I guess they think that is the best way to grow a site and to try to be a million member site, for what? I don't know, but NO THANK you...I'm NOT interested! If i want to join your site, I will by word of mouth NOT you spamming/hacking my blog to PRETEND like I'm getting views from you! You are not really getting those views because the blog links are NO WHERE on their site....it's just some computer hacker.

SO, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS SITE and IF EVERYONE REPORTS it we can get them to STOP this NONSENSE. Because I have been getting so much SPAM/HACKING and have had to change my passwords a million times even on twitter! Change your passwords and DO NOT CLICK ON GOTHISE site!

Tasty Tuesday

I know you're ready to get your grub on today! Who's been busy getting the kids back to school and learning to adjust to the new schedules. We hope it's going swell and hope you remember to take a moment to prepare these important family meals throughout the week. Check out this slow cooker recipe and link your delicious meals and desserts below! We're going to start grabbing the linked up meals from our previous linky to feature each week, so be sure to link up!


Featured Blog: Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth

Hi, I'm Kem, or you can call me Katty!
I am a mid western girl that has a chronic sweet tooth! I work in the dental field, which is appropriate because I would have a life, and mouth, full of cavities if I didn't! However, this sweet tooth expands way beyond candies and cake.  I have a sweet tooth for fashion, style, design, and, well, food of all sorts.

I am married to a tall man, Mr. Elliott, that treats me like a princess and surrounds me with sweetness!
We have two little babies, Winston and Alabama Littles.  We have had these two lovelies for as long as we have been together, which I think, makes us quite the little family.
This blog is just a place to share my ideas, fashion sense, recipes and things that I love.  I hope you enjoy your journey through the sweetest parts of my day.

You can also find me on Facebook, and Tumblr.
Stay Sweet,


The Album #6

Welcome to a new album! Here you can link up all of your photography related posts. Please keep it to a minimal writing post such as wordless wed, silent sat/sundays, etc. Link up as many as you wish. If you'd like your photos highlighted on the next album, simply leave the link in the comments below.


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Happy Monday Lovelies! How was your weekends?! We hope you made something crafty to link up and if so, please share! If not--no worries, head towards the bottom to link your blogs to Magical Monday.
Check out this wonderful tutorial on how to make wooden bracelets.


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Simple right?! Have fun and happy blogging!

Prompt Me...week 5

This weeks topic: School
Today's prompt: The beginning of a school year reminds me of....
Not all of us go to school, or have in years, or even have children that do, but I would bet at the beginning of a new school year we get thoughts or feelings that bring us back to the days we were there, good or bad.  Share those stories with us.  Let's go back a little, and reminisce.

We hope these inspire you to get a post out when you're not knowing what to blog about.
Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them.
Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts.

Featured Blog- Truly Lovely

Hello lovelies!!! 

You may have seen Truly Lovely floating around FTLOB before... 
But if not, and since it was a LONG time ago... 
I'd like to introduce myself again to all the newbies and lovelies that missed it the first time around! 

I'm Kassi. 
That's me! My Mister in the background... Engagement pic! ;)
Self proclaimed blogging extraordinaire over at Truly Lovely.
Here's a button in case you're looking to spice up your sidebar... ;)

Truly Lovely

Truly Lovely is a blog about all things I consider to be lovely. 

A lot of those things include crafts... 

Or these rope vases I'm making for my upcoming wedding. 


My mister and I were supposed to get married June 18th, but because of the Wallow Fire in Arizona we had to postpone it until July 9th. 
You can read about that here, if you'd like. 

That makes for lots of extra project time!!! :)

I love featuring other lovelies on my blog as well!! 
It's a great way to get ideas and meet new bloggie friends. 
To do this I host a Fancy This Fridays link up where you can showcase your projects from the week! 

Fancy This

I also have a Bloggie Bestie blog swap weekly series! 
If you're interested in blog swapping and being a Truly Lovely bloggie bestie, just hit me up! :)

Hope you'll pop over and say hello, anyway... :) 
Have a lovely day friends!!!

Coffee Talk with Fab Friends

Welcome Friends to another Fabulous Friday!!  Hope you all have had a marvelous week!  How many of you are ready for the weekend?  I know I am!  It's been a wild week, and I could really use an entire pot of coffee or some Espresso with some lovely friends!
We ask you to link your blogs and/or coffee related posts {you can link up more than one if you'd like} and then leave a comment below introducing yourselves or making convo by telling us what you're up to this weekend, etc.


Now at 1pm est, we'll be chatting in the chat room below and throughout the day we'll be communicating back and forth in the comments below. Please stop by, leave a message and we'll be sure to check stalk you out.

Before you leave, go check out a couple fab friends, just click on the pics!

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