Comment Love

Happy Sunday beautiful friends!  It's Comment love day! 
Please follow the rules, it makes us all happy!
  1. Leave a Comment Here-Introduce yourself, let us know more about you and welcome people to your blog!
  2. Visit the person in front of your comment to show them some love and get to know them.
  3. Let everyone know you are from comment love day but also READ their post and leave a genuine comment about their writing, photography, etc.
  4. Visit as many blogs on the comment list below and interact getting to know more fabulous bloggers.
  5. NO Copy and Paste Comments---Don't Be Rude!!!
  6. Return the Love when you get a chance
Simple right?! Have fun and happy blogging!


Mrs. Sherman said…
Good Morning everyone! Can't wait to hop around and catch up! Hope Everyone has a fantastic day!
Anonymous said…
Happy Comment Love Day! It's 3AM here and I just got out of work...I guess I better get to sleep because tomorrow I've gotta sew my butt off. Can't wait to read about what you ladies are up to!

Ai Sakura said…
Hi everyone! I'm a full-time working mummy but I love writing and am so pleased that I am able to blog about my life as a mother and wife in Singapore.

I've spent time in Japan and Australia and go back quite often so you will see some of my posts related to that.

If you are into parenting, travel, fashion and food, do drop by and link up with me on Sakura Haruka

Ai Sakura @ Sakura Haruka
Halina said…
Hello! I'm Halina from Norway (25) loving travelling, photography and art and getting all philosophic about it!

My blog is where I share my frustrations, enlightenments and other musing about the small moments of my life.

Come and visit me on Moments of a Libra. I would love to hear what you think about it!
Anonymous said…
Good morning! What a great idea this is! :D
I'm a 26-year-old woman and revert to Islam, living in Denmark. Next year I will graduate from Speech- & Hearing Sciences and hopefully get a job as a speech-language pathologist.

You're very welcome at my blog rose water.
Kate said…
Yay! My favorite day! I'm usually sleeping this time of the night but I am keeping myself awake with all the inspiration I'm getting from all the new blogs I'm checking out!
Kristin Noelle said…
Happy Comment Day everyone! I hope everyone's Sunday treats them well. It is my day off, Thank God! There will be lots of R&R for me. Everyone please stay safe on the East Coast until Irene passes! Lots of love!

Kristin Noelle
Miss Crys said…
Hi Everyone!

I'm Crystin. I'm a twenty year old fashion blogger and college student. I live on the east coast and so far, Irene is not that bad!
Lozzz123 said…
Hi people! It's 6pm here in Aus. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine's been pretty quiet but that's good sometimes :)
Ms. Sarah said…

We welcome all new readers. We talk about military, family ,recipes and living in Germany and our travels through Europe.
Irene Cortez said…
It's comment love day once again and I'm excited to meet new lovelies all over the world!

Hope everybody's safe from Hurricane Irene (oh yeah, I'm a hurricane--not cool...).
Yasmeen said…
Hi everyone, I'm Yasmeen from Wandering Spice... a blog about food, culture, and what I've stumbled on and experienced since moving to lovely Melbourne, Australia from Amsterdam.

Glad to see some new faces above me, will stop by to say hi!
tahnie said…
Hello sweet friends!

I am a momma to one little miracle. I had a kidney transplant when I was 11 and thought I would never be able to carry a biological child, but miracles happen! As cliche as that sounds. I love to blog about celebrating the impossible and practicing gratitude every day.

Happy Weekend!

Emma said…
Hey everyone, I'm Emma!
I live with my boyfriend, although he's been away for a few days and gets back today so I'd better make the flat all nice so he thinks I've been productive while he's been away ;)
My blog is i am the chaser, and you should all come over and say hi! I love new comments (and followers too, if you feel like it!).
Love love love you all!
I'm a blogger and a blog reader.
I'm a wife, a non-practicing psychologist and a full-time mortgage analyst. I'm totally in love with life. Please come visit!

Followers urgently required. :)

Hope you love my blog!
Treebytheriver said…
Meeting more blogs again. Can't wait to read something interesting!

Hope you like my blog too!
Hi everyone! We are braving the outter bands of Hurricane Irene - we live about 2 hours outside Philadelphia!!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and looking forward to visiting some great blogs today! I love comment Sunday!

Please come visit my blog at --->
TexaGermaNadian said…
Yeah for lazy Sundays and blog hopping :)
Have a great one ya'll!
Natalie said…
Good morning and Happy Comment Love Day! I blog about my life at
My Blog Is Boring
- this week, I've started a new weight-loss plan - for the first time in my life! Yeah, that's fun.

Happy Sunday! Hope yours is beautiful!
Mallory said…
Hi! I'm Mallory. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom living on Florida's gulf coast. I enjoy creating through photography, crafts, cooking and writing. I am married to my best friend Joe. Together we have a cute little daughter named Aubrey who is 17 months old and lights up our world.

I hope to use my blog as a creative outlet. I want to inspire others like they have inspired me through their own blogs.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm Heather, a grad student in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to meeting you :)
Anonymous said…
Glo Sews said…
That picture is such a peaceful picture from a time before all the hustle and bustle of school today. Now parents at the school where I work sit in long lines waiting just to drop off their children or pick them up. Thanks for the reminder of yesterday...aah
Have a great day!
Good morning everyone! Yay for new blogs to read!
Good morning, ladies! I have a faith-based blog about God, family, and everything else. It is a work God has been putting on my heart for a while, and I finally started this month (so I am still pretty new!). Please visit and read- it is my hope and prayer that you will be blessed and encouraged by what you read! Have a great Sunday!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glo Sews said…
woops should have signed my comment, it links to the wrong blog. sorry

Still love the peaceful picture tho! LOL

Bobbi said…
Good Sunday Morning friends! Hope everyone is having a safe and beautiful weekend. I've been spending mine with my guys, playing and relaxing before school starts. I hope everyone is staying dry! ♥ BJ
Hi people read me,love me & follow me.
Hello, hello!

You're lost. You're a twentysomething. You are sick of following rules that don't make you happy!


Have a scrumptious Sunday day ;)

Ixy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krystal said…
Hello! I blog about being a newlywed, cocktails, and all our random travel adventures! :D
Ixy said…
Let's try this again and maybe this time I'll leave my link...hard to hop without directions!

My favourite hop - yay for Comment Love!

And now I'm off to see what Courtney's saying POW about.
I'm Barbara from the Tattooed Housewife. I blog about my journey trying to learn to sew, cook, and anything else that is going on! I also post a lot of things I love. Hope you come by and visit :)
Danielle said…
All set for comment love day -I have my coffee on hand and I am ready to look around!
Anonymous said…
When I commented earlier today I forgot this:
Please do visit my blog Tea Time Benefits if you are also a tea lover :)

tea time benefits

And if you can read Danish, here's my poetry blog:

rosenvand - flydende poesi
Missy said…
Happy Sunday everyone :-) Looking forward to some blog hopping...hopefully the linky list will be available soon?

Sarah E. said…
Good morning. I'm Sarah :) Irene decided to be a howler for upstate NY so it's a nice cloudy windy day. I should be stopping by blogs later tonight :)

My personal blog: Dear skin...
My food blog: Sunday Social

Hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe. Have a good Sunday everyone :)
Barb said…
Yay! Love Sunday and Comment Love Day. I'm enjoying this relaxing weekend before Monday rolls around and has it's way with me! Been traveling and hosting guests so way behind on blogging. So excited to get caught up!
Anonymous said…
Happy Sunday everyone! So sad that the weekend is over, but luckily I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow. So excited!

I'm Clare and I like to cook! I'm from Southern California. Hopefully you'll find some tasty recipes if you stop by.

Enjoy the end of the weekend!
Katty said…
Comment love day, one of my favorites!

I'm Kem, but you can call me Katty. I'm from Kansas City and run mostly a lifestyle blog with some recipes and fashion thrown in for good measure!
Amanda said…
Yay comment love!

I blogged today about my extensive (nonexistent) preparation for Irene's visit to Maine today. Come stop by, let me know if you think we're ready!
Sar said…
Hi! I'm Sarah and I blog over at [life of love]. I'm a 25 year old graduate student who loves basically everything, so I chronical all the things I love! Of course, I love life, so my blog mostly focuses on that. :)

I'm also hosting my first giveaway (woohoo!). Check it out here!

Dee said…
Goooood Morning! This will be my last official Sunday of my summer! How crazy is that?! Today I blogged about this strange stage of life I am right now. You MUST stop by and let me know your thoughts, feelings and ideas for the future!
Janelle said…
Hi! My name's Janelle & I write over at It started out as a mostly food blog, but now it's an everything blog. Life is random, so my blog is random. I post recipes every Tuesday and try to post one or two more times throughout the week. I would love it if you'd come visit! :)

Can't wait for you to read our daily dose of inspiration on the See Beautiful blog!

Happy seeing beautiful!
The Girl Behind said…
Hello everyone

I'm Louise, almost forty years old (one more week to go!) and blogging about all sorts of things - slimming, photography, food and the things that my partner, Mike, and I enjoy together.

I'd love to have you visit
Crystal @ PoM said…
Hi, everyone! This is my first time participating in this one, so I look forward to getting to know everyone!

My name is Crystal and I'm a 36 year old empty-nest life blogger. I talk about a little bit of everything on my blog and I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day!
BellaVida said…
Good morning, hope everyone is having a great day so far.

I'm a creative. I write stories and poetry, paint, photograph, craft . . .

My blog is a form of art journal where I use words, pictures, photographs, inspirational quotes to tell stories with a few short essays in between.

I've been writing articles for other sites so my recent posts have been more visual. I hope you enjoy dropping by.

Bella Vida by Letty

I look forward to find new reads today. Enjoy your day.
Happy Sunday everybody! Best wishes to everyone who is in Irene's path!
Bay Park Dream said…
Hi :)
I'm a 20-something girl living, loving, and renovating with my man in San Diego.
I write about our San Diego adventures, my attempts at being a bit domestic, and throw in a little about fashion every so often. Hope you come check it out.

Looking forward to meeting some new blog friends today.

You know I think your fabulous. But I'm leaving this extra ♥ today. Along with a few hugs too.
d'Artagnan said…
I'm d'Artagnan from Living in Iowa ( My blog covers daily life in Iowa specifically focusing on the fine arts, food, and local culture. Looking forward to meeting you!!

Gabby said…
Hello! My name is Gabby and I run Vintage Vagrant @

My blog is all about vintage and indie style! I hope you pop by to take a look :)

I'll follow anyone and everyone that follows me! I love finding new and interesting blogs to read.

Alex said…
One of my favorite things about Sundays - besides having a day off! Happy comment love!
Alex said…
oh, and it's
Happy Comment Love Day, everyone!

I'm Katie from Chicken Noodle Gravy, and I'm looking forward to meeting some new bloggy friends today. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!
Oh, and my blog address is:
Laura said…
Hi all! I'm Laura from A Little Bit of Lacquer, and woo hoo for comment love! My blog's got a little bit of everything - fashion, home decor, recipes (today's is nutella stuffed french toast).

I'd love for some feedback and can't wait to find some new blogs as well! xoxo
bird and tree said…
Happy Sunday everyone!!! My name is Elena and my little blog is called bird and tree! I like to blog about momma life, vacations, adventures is crafting/vintage, photography, poetry and sooooo much more! Stop by and say hello! Can't wait to meet some of you as well!!!
Tricia said…
I'll be spreading the love once I'm back from work! Stay safe and Dry all of my fellow East Coasters!
Here's hoping I still have power!
Vanessa said…
Good Morning!
I'm Vanessa..pop by and say hello :)
I blog about life, travelling, clothes, nailpolish, make-up,tattoo's crafts, scrapbooking..anything that interests me really!
KY said…
Good Morning friends! Not much written on my blog lately, I've shared a few engagement photos & some news that we'll be moving to Texas next month! Woo! Hope everyone is safe that's in the eye of this hurricane!

Christy said…
Good Morning! I'm Christy, I live in New York City and was not affected by Irene. I'm a graduate student and currently training for my 2nd marathon and I blog about 25 things I want to do before I turn 25 next year! Thanks for stopping by =)

Alyssa said…
Hi everyone! I'm Alyssa, very new to the blogging world still trying to get my bearings. I use my blog as a sort of journal to document my life and also a creative outlet.

Stop by and say hello!
Kari said…
Happy Comment Love Day everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! My name is Kari and I blog about nothing in particular, but somehow I still find stuff to say!
AmandaDF said…
Happy Comment Love! I'm Amanda, and I blog about all sorts of random stuff, though lately it's been all about me moving! Have a good day!
Joelle said…
Good morning! It's been a while since I've participated in comment love day, but I have a few free hours this morning, so why not :)

I'm Joelle and I blog over at Where We Love is Home. I can't wait to find some new, fun blogs to read today!
Jeni said…
Happiest of Sunday Comment Day! xo -jeni check out my "secret diary"
CaLea said…
Hello everyone! Most people call me crazy, but you can call me CaLea. I'm the author behind all the insanity at the blog {im}perfect.

I love visitors, and adore making new blogging buddies.

Feel free to stop on by!

Happy Comment Love day!
Jessica DeWitt said…
Yay! Reading blogs day!
Jessica @ Doubling the DeWitts...
Lindsay said…
Such a great post idea! I'm new to this blog and I just love it!

Hi, I'm Lindsay, 25, from Brooklyn. I started blogging a few months ago and wondering why I didn't start years ago! I love fashion, art, sweets, and travels. I would love to meet more bloggers!
Marlee said…
Hello everyone! What a great idea!

I'm a grad student finishing my master's degree on a ridiculously tight budget, but lately my blog has been about my own journey to realizing I've paid for an education in the career that i don't want to do. So I'm on a new adventure toward a career I've always dreamed about!

Hope you stop by and visit!
Vapid Vixen said…
Yay for comment love day! My blog is about...ummm...I feel like I'm in and interview where I have to talk about myself. I'm choking, just like I do in interviews. Gah!
I love comment day! Its always such a great way to find more blogs to read! Thanks FTLOB.

Dana Michelle@the abundant life blog
I love comment day! Its always such a great way to find more blogs to read! Thanks FTLOB.

Dana Michelle@the abundant life blog
Kate as of Late said…
This is I think my second time participating and I'm so excited!
I'm in the middle of a "10 Day You Challenge" so it's a great time to stop by my blog and get to know me pretty well in just a few posts!! :)
Can't wait to check out some of your awesome blogs!! <3 <3 Happy Comment Love Day!
Happy, happy comment love day to all! I look forward to finding some fantastical new blogs today!
Kate as of Late said…
see: So new I forgot a link:

:) Happy Comment Love Day Again!! :)
Stela said…
Hi Everyone!
I'm Stela, a boutique owner & crafter living in Oklahoma. I'm so excited to read new blogs today!
Alyssa said…
Hello! I'm Alyssa from Ohio. I'm a college student studying political science and history. I can't wait to read your blogs today!
Alisha said…
Such a fun way to meet people!!
My name is Alisha (rhymes with wish)! I'm an aspiring photographer, writer, wife and small business owner. It's nice to meet you all!

♥ Nadine said…
Happy Comment Love Day, everyone.

It's nice to meet you all. And thanks to the FTLOB ladies for all the neat ideas.

Cheers to the new friendships, can't wait to hear more from you.

xoxo. Nadine
How fun! We are The Letter 4. Another sister blog :)


-jamie @ theletter4
Crystal said…
Hi, everyone! I'm looking forward to checking out some new blogs today!

I'm Crystal from Straight On Till Morning-

I haven't posted anything terribly exciting this week, but I do have a giveaway going on!
Remy said…
Made it through Irene! Happy Comment Love day!!!
Vivian said…
This is my favorite blogging day because of you! Happy comment love day!
Heleen said…
I'm so glad it's sunday again. I love comment love day. Hopefully I can check out some more fabulous blogs and feel free to stop by! I hope everyone has a great day!
Anonymous said…
hello all! love comment love day! stop on by here..
Hey guys! I'm Michelle from Canada. Check out my travel blog to read up on my adventures and enter my current contest and win some cool prizes :)
Oops, here's the link!
Sinea said…
Hi! I am Sinea (pronounced SEENA) and I blog about organizing, time management, parent & family at Ducks n a Row.
Robyn said…
I've just moved to Kenya -I've been here 4 days.Read about my time in someone else's city. Enjoy!
Jackie D said…
Hello everyone! Sunday evening now, hope everyone has had a good day. I'd love if you'd stop by and check out my travel blog -- or, currently, my what-I'm-entertaining-myself-with-while-I-wait-for-my-next-traveling-venture blog:

Have a good week!
Mrs. Tuna said…
My name is Mrs. Tuna and I write a humor recipe blog. My goal is to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and more time drinking white wine with my girlfriends. I work full time at an engineering firm and I've decided to make my head explode by also attending ASU full time for a degree in Urban Planning. Love to get some new followers. :)
Chelsea said…
Happy Sunday everyone!!! Hope everyone's weekend has been wonderful!
Charley said…

I have a beauty blog and Jewelry collection. I am currently out of work and wanted to find a way to fill my time. I am writing about things that interest me and making a business out of something I love doing. Please check out my blog.
Charley said…
sorry my blog address is
nic said…
hey there! I'm nic, and my blog is about being a writer, teacher and nerdy-girl living in michigan. There are so many cool things about living in "The Mitten", and I love to share them with readers. Check out my blog and if you like what you read, please follow me!

Nali said…
Hi everyone!

I blog about my life, my loves, pretty things, girly things, shopping, and just anything that happens to be on my mind.

xoxo, Nali
Emily said…
Hey! Very excited to share my blog and get to know some others as well!
This is my first time!! I can't wait to get to know some blogging buddies!
I love to write...errr...type? Anyways...check me out at
Happy Comment Sunday, Ladies!
KSK said…
Hello! I'm a SAHM, and just started blogging about it in Feb.
I love finding new blogs to read! And I hope you like to read mine!
Some of my favorite posts are my "Just Some Small Talk..." ones!

Check my blog out at:
Hi Everyone - hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I would love to meet you and learn more about your blogs! Look forward to your visit at Create With Joy, where I blog about all things creative! :-)

Leovi said…
My dreams slip through your pillow. Leovi.
Anonymous said…
Hello world! I am a little lady in Austin, TX who just quit her job in corporate land to live life in the simple lane and start embracing life! I talk about my life, love, and some fashion (I don't have much fashion sense being a hippie :p) Follow my life!
Anonymous said…
wow this was a great article keep up the great work Sex Toys
Ajax said…
Hey there! I'm Ajax and I would love to get to know some of you!

On my blog, AjaxDay, you will find stuff about my life including, but not limited to:

My big dog, Reuben, cooking, travel, nature, my pretty kids, some random crafting, and lots of info on my current love, metalsmithing and making jewelry for my Etsy shop Tarnished & True.

Come check it out and say hi! I usually visit back. :)
What a great idea. I am not so much new to the blogging world, but I have been absent for a short while due to school, and another move.. (those who dont know me, I have moved OFTEN!, but im in a permanent spot now!) HURRAY! on to my comment. I want to show love to all those blogs out ther, and I will try my best to visit as many as possible before the clicking and clanking of the keyboard drive my husband crazy.. hes trying to sleep less then 5 feet away! OOPS! Have a good day everyone!
Erika said…
Love me some comment loves days :D My blog is a mish-mash of nerdy love. A lot of photography (I travel a lot), reviews (games, products, apps, whatever ^^), rants, and so on. Hope you enjoy it! Swing on by and I'll be happy to check out your blog as well! Always looking for new, interesting blogs to add to my watch!
Anonymous said…
Hey all! I am Tyana, my blog is a place where I go to vent, but I love linking up and participating in my favorite link ups. A majority of my posts, I will admit, are things I struggle with on a day to day basis. I'm still kind of new to the blogging world so It's all a work in progress. Please feel free to check it out!

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