Featured Blog: Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth

Hi, I'm Kem, or you can call me Katty!
I am a mid western girl that has a chronic sweet tooth! I work in the dental field, which is appropriate because I would have a life, and mouth, full of cavities if I didn't! However, this sweet tooth expands way beyond candies and cake.  I have a sweet tooth for fashion, style, design, and, well, food of all sorts.

I am married to a tall man, Mr. Elliott, that treats me like a princess and surrounds me with sweetness!
We have two little babies, Winston and Alabama Littles.  We have had these two lovelies for as long as we have been together, which I think, makes us quite the little family.
This blog is just a place to share my ideas, fashion sense, recipes and things that I love.  I hope you enjoy your journey through the sweetest parts of my day.

You can also find me on Facebook, and Tumblr.
Stay Sweet,



Such sweet little babies. :)
Vapid Vixen said…
Is that a butterfly tattoo on your decolletage or an accessory? Either way, I dig it.
Congrats on being featured!
Such a cute blog! Your furry babies are adorable too.

Dana Michelle
Katty said…
@Vapid Vixen that is a full chest piece with a butterfly in the center! You guessed it!

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