Featured Blog: Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth

Hi, I'm Kem, or you can call me Katty!
I am a mid western girl that has a chronic sweet tooth! I work in the dental field, which is appropriate because I would have a life, and mouth, full of cavities if I didn't! However, this sweet tooth expands way beyond candies and cake.  I have a sweet tooth for fashion, style, design, and, well, food of all sorts.

I am married to a tall man, Mr. Elliott, that treats me like a princess and surrounds me with sweetness!
We have two little babies, Winston and Alabama Littles.  We have had these two lovelies for as long as we have been together, which I think, makes us quite the little family.
This blog is just a place to share my ideas, fashion sense, recipes and things that I love.  I hope you enjoy your journey through the sweetest parts of my day.

You can also find me on Facebook, and Tumblr.
Stay Sweet,



Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Such sweet little babies. :)

Vapid Vixen said...

Is that a butterfly tattoo on your decolletage or an accessory? Either way, I dig it.
Congrats on being featured!

Dana Michelle@the abundant life blog said...

Such a cute blog! Your furry babies are adorable too.

Dana Michelle

Katty said...

@Vapid Vixen that is a full chest piece with a butterfly in the center! You guessed it!

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