Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

Happy Thursday friends! We're almost through the week and it's been a weird week let me tell you! So excited to sit down and have a glass with you! I know after these several cups of coffee and maybe a few iced ones, and even some tea, we'll be sharing a cold glass of something-virgin or not! So pull up a comfy chair and hang for a bit. We have so much going on!


Let's first do a recap of everything going on! We are having a Twitter Party on Saturday, all is welcome to join the fun. We have a ton of Link Parties going on, if you have yet to link-Browse around and Link Up!

If you are interested in making something Handmade and wish to Swap, head here! This will be the last chance and then we are wrapping it up!

Check out the community-so many fresh new blogs to stalk! Really-you guys are awesome! Been reading everyone who links up and find this to be a rockin' community fo sho!

The key to getting seen, is linking up! There is just something great about a thumbnail linky- everyone who links up gets read by us and we enjoy seeing each of your posts, LINK up LINK up LINK up!

You don't have to have a drink post for today but it's always nice to share a good drink recipe- we don't have one this morning-we're boring sometimes! So please share yours! We'd love to make a glass!


as always, keep it classy and enjoy the company. head to these blogs to see what they're up to today!

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! It's Extremely ANNOYING to see "I FOLLOW BACK" next to your names! If I SEE this -it will be DELETED!


posidanielle said…
I am enjoying Thirsty Thursday a day early with a delicious Margarita!! Yum! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
KY said…
Hi ladies!! I'm for sure going to need a giant cup of yummy vanilla coffee in the morning when I come back to check all of you out! (It's 3:30am here in Germany right now. Why am I up? eeeeh, I'm looking forward to heading back to the states in 2 weeks for the summer and I'm stuck on east coast time already - or something like that...) ;]

Anyways, I created a post yesterday for the Get Fit group -- I look forward to moving ahead with the group and getting our bootys ready for bikini season!!
Chrissy said…
Having a diet Dr. good! But a margherita sounds delish as well, Danielle! xxx
Stephanie said…
KY, thank you for looping me in that there's a Get Fit group! I had no idea. =]

As for me? I'm still drinking coffee here in Oregon [it's 6:30 at night for me]. Hazelnut creamer; hold the sugar. =]
Morgan said…
This week has been a doozy, especially after forgetting coffee today, how does that even happen? Happy Hour in full effect later, tomorrow, wait!? Have a lovely evening and start to the morning all!
Anonymous said…
I'm not a coffee person, but I often include some hot chocolate in my Thursday mornings. Delicious, especially with a little bit of peppermint!

Thursdays are awesome: one day closer to the weekend! Happy Thursday, y'all!
April Thomas said…
new follower! Thanks for hosting!
Hockey Wife said…
Stephanie: Where in Oregon are you? I lived in Portland for a while. LOVED it.

I don't have a drink recipe but I just wrote a post about a recipe for disaster. Equation?

Me + Collapsable Chairs = Disaster. Oy vey.
Laura said…
Here's a link to a couple fab SANGRIA recipes that we made numerous times this past summer... I posted about it a while back.. but it's guarenteed for HAPPINESS!

gets you in the WARM WEATHER MOOD :)

Jill said…
I've just found your Thirsty Thursday blog hop for the first time so thought I'd tag along! Your blog looks really interesting, and I've become a follower!
I've got cheesecake and cherries defrosting to have with a cuppa later and visit some new blogs!
Thanks for hosting!
Mollie said…
Have graduated to black coffee. I guess because I want to be able to tell the truth when I say I can tell the difference between Colombian and Sumatran.
TexaGermaNadian said…
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank you for saying that. I am tired of 'followers' blotting my wall. Ya'll Rock!
Happy Thursday loves! I'm saving my drink for tomorrow - I've decided, no boozing on school nights ;) But cheers anyway!

xxx mervi
Susi said…
Happy Thursday folks! Thanks girls for great job with the site. I personally think "follows back" titles are rude and never click on those links.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thursday everyone! So excited that it's almost the weekend :)

Thanks for the note about "follows back" - that drives me crazy too!
b. lee said…
happy tHirsTy tHursDay peeps ;)
Mollie said…
Does anyone else think b.lee aka clean sheets on sundays is trying to tell us something via an obscure code method using capital letters?
Crazy Lady Lori said…
Happy Thirsty Thursday! MMMmmm hot cup of coffee for me now, and a glass of wine later :)
Bold E-Zine said…
Thank you for the link-up. I wasn't prepared with a drink recipe this time, but I'll search and seek and find one for next time. Now following on GFC.
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Man... I feel so lame! I never have a good drink recipe! Love seeing all the ones everyone else shares though!! :)
chantilly said…
i perfected the perfect pina coloda recipe at one point... i'm totally blanking. i think it's something like:

1.5 shots rum
2 shots heavy cream
2 shots coconut juice
2 shots pineapple juice
dash cherry juice

shake with ice & pour into a cup.

... something like that. tweak it around until you get it to your liking ;)
cakeologist said…
Is it still too early for me to switch from coffee to vodka? Happy Thirsty Thursday!
Jacqui' said…
Thirsty Thursdays. woot woot! How about pomegranate liquor, fresca, and a squeeze of lime and orange juice =]
Missy said…
I will be having strictly virgin drinks for the next 9 months! :) I'll have a yummy Shirley Temple!
Crystal said…
Happy drink of choise today, hot tea, honey, and a dayquil elixir. We are soo sick. Found out I must be the mono carrier passing it along to my dudes :( NO GOOD!!! Now I'm on a rescue inhaler...hopefully my posts aren't any crazier than normal from my drug concoctions!
AnnelynDesigns said…
Following you and joining the hop! Please come check out my blog again. I have a new review and giveaway - must haves for eco-friendly or coffee/tea drinking ladies!
Missy said…
It's getting pretty late over here in the UK and I'm having a naughty vodka and coke to help me mark my classes books! ;)
Shhh.. don't tell!
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