Weekend Wander

it's the weekend lovely people! make yourself very comfy, we have a lot going on here. if you are new, welcome! we are super glad to have you here with us! take a moment to join some groups- our newest is the writer's club. the facebook linky party is looking awesome! have you added your page? and/or your twitter ? you know we like to tweet, so be sure to tweet with all of us. take a moment to go through the community and the directories above. we have so many new additions. if you are not listed, get to it! browse around a bit. meet some fab new faces and relax. enjoy the company. we come up with fresh, new fun things everyday. we are going to be bringing workshops to the fabulous ftlob. a sneak peek will come very soon.

if you are interested in getting your sponsor ads promoted, get those to us no later than Saturday Eve. we will be promoting your sponsor ad deals to bring viewers your way and to hopefully gain you some sponsors. we are looking for your blog name/url, the deal you are offering {rates, sizes}, a little about your site, how many average views, readers you have, anything that might be of importance to get you a sponsor, or two.....our email is over on the left sidebar as well as the rest of the things we do!

enjoy the weekend! go wander!



Poekitten said…
Looking forward to wandering and finding some new blogs:) Thanks for everything you guys do!
kitten said…
I just love how this community keeps growing! xoxo
Thank goodness for the weekend! I could use some good cheering up... Hope I find some great reads! :)
Hockey Wife said…
Yay for Weekend Wander! Hope everyone is has a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to read a few new blogs and catch up with the regulars!
Anonymous said…
As a college student, I love the weekends! More time to do homework (or put it off ;))
Happy weekend lovelies! :) And thanks again for a fab week here at FTLOB! Love you all to bits!

xxx mervi
posidanielle said…
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!
KY said…
Happy Saturday! I'm flying back to Germany today but I promise to catch up with all of you and hop around some new bloggers tomorrow when I'm completely jet lagged and backwards!!! Enjoy your weekend pretties :)
I'm a new follower from the WEekend Wander. Nice to meet you!

Wife on the Roller Coaster
Slidecutter said…
Happy wandering everyone! Take some time out just for you this week-end!


Morgan said…
Have a fabulous weekend wander everyone! Lovely for the lovelies : )
b. lee said…
happy Weekend all :D lookin' forward to meetin' some new peeps * *
Weekend wanderer--my favorite blog hop of the week, maybe because it's the weekend :)

Enjoy everyone!
Renae said…
Hello Weekend... Hello Weekend Wander... Hello 'meeting' New Friends!
Jessica said…
Happy Weekend Everyone!! I hope you have a fun-filled couple of days! :-)

Much Love!!
Anonymous said…
Yessssss it's the weekend!!!
-Mallori said…
Have a great weekend! let it be as relaxing as you need it to be!
Midwest Lady said…
I'm a new member here, can't wait to read some new blogs (especially if you're writing from the midwest).

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