Secrets to a Successful Blog

i know we have our blogging tips and i'm sure you've read enough on the internet from other bloggers, etc about how to blog but really something you're not hearing is this:


i don't mean that it'll take a year or whatever to be successful, although it does take some time to develop a well known blog but what i want to discuss is how time consuming a blog can really be! full time bloggers get paid to write, dress up, promote, etc. does that mean they're successful, sure. they take time to pull together a great post, advertise it online and pretty much sell their blog! not everyone has the time in a day to do that though. Many of you have jobs and go to school. Is it quite possible to have a successful blog + a life outside of blogging? 

So How Do You Become a Success in a Blog?

Step 1. Relax. A really positive vibe and attitude will put you in the mood for blogging. Do not think too much about the process because then your mind goes hay wire! Having the right mind set will get you wanting to post and if you're already a busy minded person, I suggest breathing in some fresh air and taking a long walk before you get diving into the blog world. 

Step 2. Set Up. You must have a space in your home or office that allows you the time to get comfortable enough to blog. I've had uncomfortable work spaces during the last 6 years of blogging because I move a lot and I find the most success comes from being cozy. I'm not especially great at blogging from a phone which many do, so my laptop is my masterpiece. You'll know what is right for you as far as where you want to be in your home or wherever to actually have a moment to blog. And the best advice I can give is ----- get cozzzzzy!

Step 3. Create. Your Posts are essentially who you are. Take/Share great photos, and mix that in with your writing, descriptions, your tell all! Photoshop Sayings, Type out your own, add words to your photos, etc.....Make it Fun, Create.

Step 4. Themes and Topics. The most frustrating thing is not knowing what to post. Gain ideas and such just by daily activities. Incorporate a well thought out plan of what to post every single week. One of many bloggers faults, I'm very guilty of it is not planning my posts out. You need to post everyday to be successful. Sure a day off is fine, but overall POST and POST A LOT!


Every Blog is Not Successful

don't let this damp your style. you can and will be a successful blogger but you have to want it bad enough! 


Why does everyone think that being a "follower" gets you famous?

"In a world full of fakes, BE YOURSELF!"

Whatever triggered you to blog in the first place will set you free.

The truth to a successful blog is to do it for all the right reasons. If you are meant to blog and share yourself with the world then you'll become a famous blogger. It doesn't matter how much networking (to an extent) you do, how much you try, how much you invest......if you are a blogger, you'll be a fabulous one! 

Last Tip: Let it ride. Go with the flow. You'll know what's up, what's right, what matters! And Enjoy the Fuck out of it.   


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