How to Relax When Your Body's Had Enough

it's so nice to take a break from everything; work | blogging | networking, to just breathe the fresh air and rest easy. Recently I've become very tense. I'm typically always stiff but as of late, it's become way too intense. I suffer from migraines and body aches daily. It's awful. A full time standing job doesn't help. When your body has had enough, it will surely let you know! 

I'm discovering a new way to cope with healing through natural remedies. Having migraines for 16 years is long enough to have tried everything. I've done so much to try to deal as best as possible and it's become a habit of mine to try new things. If you're anything like me; always on the go, working all the time and never sleeping, then let's accomplish relaxation together! Please. We need to be healthy. 

Things I've done that have helped me this past week:

1.) Breathe. Recently reading about how to relieve tension, I've learned that I don't breathe properly. I never take deep breaths. Not enough where the oxygen gets to my brain. So deep breathes in, slowly exhaling. It works. Do it several times throughout the day.

2.) Have someone rub out those knots in your back, neck and shoulders. Two thumbs pressing away from your body rolling it out will hurt like hell but it will remove the kinks for now. 

3.) Drink a SHIT LOAD of H2O. I'm not a big fan of drinking water but I FORCED myself to especially right after the massage because I knew that if I didn't, the toxins would stay in my body. Be prepared to pee a lot. 

4.) Lay Down. Prop several pillows up behind your head and legs and just lay there. Relax. Breathe and let your shoulders slouch. Upon learning about how to cope with stress of daily activities, I noticed that my shoulders are always forced to 'Stand Up' and I never relax them. I never allow them to slouch. Just let them fall. 

5.) Hot water bath. I steam a hot bath for my feet. I learned from my massage therapist that if you soak your feet in hot water, the blood will flow back upward, preventing the headaches. I also rest in a hot bath with Bath Salts to relieve the stiffness. Drink water while you're in the bath. And then go lay down using the tips in #4.

6.) Stop eating Chocolate. I can't eat it or drink wine because it causes headaches. Teach yourself to eat less and drink more water. 

7.) Take a slow outdoors walk. Getting some fresh air, grab the camera and walk slowly capturing natures glory. It will be the best relaxation ever. It truly is for me. I just gaze at the skies and take photographs. It helps forget about work and busyness. 

8.) My aunt told me to put a cold pack on my neck and a heating pad over my eyes/forehead to relieve some tension also. It's been slowly working. My problem is I have to do it everyday because I work full time standing, so I'm always stiff. 

9.) Sip on some broth. I enjoy sipping on some broth smothered with spices to relax. 

10.) Call off. If you are so overwhelmed with everything, call off. Take another day to get the sleep you need. Try to get at least 6-8 hours. It's well needed. 

I'm hoping I can feel better after doing some basic things that will help relieve the stress, headaches, tension and get my life back to living healthy and lovely. I don't like feeling like this. Hope you feel better too. 

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