Sponsor us in January!

Ready to drive some new year traffic to your blog?

ONLY 5 spots available!

Are you interested yet?Please read the sponsor details carefully
1.Two for the price of one:For sponsoring FTLOB you will also get a FREE AD SPACE of 200x200 on my blog.
2.Your ads will be placed under the Things we do gadget on the FTLOB site and along with my other sponsors in the sidebar.
3.The ads will be rotated throughout the month for you to get maximum exposure.
4.The lovely sponsors would be featured in a group introduction along with a few cool questions I have for them both here and my site.
5. For $2 more you have the option to be a part of a Group Giveaway.

Book your January adspace now and be a part of our Fabulous community!Email me at: swetablogs@gmail.com. 5 Spots ONLY.


Sinea said…
OK! I'm in. You've convinced me.

Need some direction on what to provide for you to secure my $10 300x300 ad space though. I'll email you today! Thanks!
Sent you an email.:-) Hugs and smooches and wishes for a Happy New Year!

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