Good Monday Morning all!  It's the beginning of a new week, with so many things to do and embrace.  From the beautiful Christmas Lights  
to the awe of a child
It sure is a Beautiful time of year.

Share what you have embraced this week!  Be sure to stop by The Holiday Home Extravaganza for recipes or ideas, and check out the conversations over in the chat, or start one of your own!  

Whatever you do, embrace the day, and have an amazing week! 



summer-claire said…
Such a lovely idea for a link up, it's really cheered me up on a rubbish rainy day :)
brlracincwgrl said…
Such a lovely post! I needed this, this morning. So, thank you!
mohd hafifi said…
Come here from Malaysia =)
wheatgerm said…
that street looks like candy

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