Tasty Tuesday

Good Day Delicious Lovers. Sharing your recipes from this past holiday would be lovely. Link up directly to the post. If you don't have a recipe, share a night out for dinner or lunch, we'd love to see!
click on the pic to get this tasty treat! yum. Can't wait to see and taste the goods. Have an mmmmm mmmm good day!


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Bucket list



Go comment with something off your bucket list!!

I ask:What makes you follow a blog?

Or breaks it?
Personally I go for well written blogs that provide an insight into the blogger's mind and thus I tend to gravitate towards personal blogs.I also prefer clean,uncluttered layouts and dark text on light background.
For me-what breaks it-Pop up/automatic music players.ARGH!

...

Hello Everyone! Newbie here!!!

I am thankful that I got into blogging but even more thankful to be part of communities like this. I’ve been reading a lot of personal blogs lately and was surprised at how much some of them are so relatable.So, in the hopes that I might be able to produce the same realization in other peop... read more...

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I shared my video for making Grain-Free, DF Coconut Date Linzer Cookies and my Roasted Beet Salad.

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