Comment Love Day

Good Morning beautiful people!  I love Sundays, and I really love Comment Love.  I know it always puts a smile on my face to get a genuinely beautiful comment, and not some copy and paste, so I'm sure it's the same for you.  So Please, all we ask is you follow these rules, and have a happy day!

  1. Leave a Comment Here-Introduce yourself, let us know more about you and welcome people to your blog!
  2. Visit the person in front of your comment to show them some love and get to know them.
  3. Let everyone know you are from comment love day but also READ their post and leave a genuine comment about their writing, photography, etc.
  4. Visit as many blogs on the comment list below and interact getting to know more fabulous bloggers.
  5. NO Copy and Paste Comments---Don't Be Rude!!!
  6. Return the Love when you get a chance.


Nali said…
Hooray! This is one of my favorite days. I blog over at It's the {little} things about pretty things, girly things, and pretty much anything that interests me. Hope to see you there!

xoxo, Nali
Chelsea said…
Happy Comment Love Day gang.
Who's ready for Thanksgiving?

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving break (typical of a college kid, I know) :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!
Hailey C said…
Love love comment love day!

Hello bloggers! My name is Hailey! You can find me here:

This blog documents my journey to find out who I am and where I belong in this crazy world. Come along, won't you?

I can't wait to meet you :)
Robyn said…
Happy Sunday!

I don't feel like doing much today-apart from having cups of tea and reading some blogs!

And maybe a bit of yoga...
Sarah said…
My name is Sarah and I blog about my challenge to find American made goods that are safe, ethically made, eco-friendly and awesome. Follow me as I share sweet finds, uncover intriguing issues, and contend with mall cops!
I discuss all types of issues related to consumerism, most recently concerning the safety of J&J's baby wash. I also have weekly giveaways to share my finds!
I hope you will join me at made in usa challenge .
Anonymous said…
Hello lovelies! Happy Comment love day! My name is Liesi, and I blog at Too Crewel. I'm pretty much a crafting addict. I have a soft spot for anything hand sewn, needle felted, embroidery, and crewel embroidery (hence the name Too Crewel).

Can't wait to meet you!

hi there, hope you enjoy today!
I'm Melissa, a teenager and I love life. My passion is dance and writing and my blog combines these two talents
I can't wait to hear from you all, xox
Aw, I really love comment Sundays! :) I have to say it's really nice and cold here in Vienna, which simply calls for me to go outside and take some nice winter photos! ... which of course will up later on my blog. And this is exactly who I am - an spontaneous, curious and also a little shy girl, who loves art, photography and traveling. :) I hope you will take your time to visit my blog, and will enjoy your time! :) Happy Sunday everyone!

XoXo, Aleksandra.
Anonymous said…
I am Dannie (aka) A Dose of Dannie
follow my journey on my mad family and help me find my self and more....

Melissa Jane said…
Hi all,
I am a Comment Love virgin, but loved the idea of it. You are all welcome over at my blog where you will read about my life as a parent, about my family and my view on the world.
smallgirl said…
Hi everyone,

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend.

I'm Katie and I blog at Smallgirl Towers ( about my everyday life as a PhD student still trying to have a life and win at this academic thing... :)

I look forward to meeting you all!
Kaity said…
Happy Sunday beautiful blogger ladies!

I'm Kaity and I blog over at "...and all these twisted thoughts I see, Jesus there in between..." I know- long title! But I wrote all about it on my most recent post!

I love to blog about faith, food and especially my relationship with the greatest man in the world (okay, the greatest man for ME). I'm constantly learning how to be a better future wifey for him while he teaches me just what it means to truly love a person.

Anyway, come visit at Can't wait to visit you ladies!
Jann said…
Good morning! Real life reflections are featured on my blog, Reflect. Join the adventure at
Alli said…
Can't wait to discover some great blogs!!
Chandra said…
Happy Sunday everyone! Feel free to stop by and make yourself at home. Looking forward to discovering some new blogs and friends.

Olivia Grace said…
Happy Sunday, excited to check out some new blogs!!!
A very good Sunday to everyone. I am from Jamaica and welcome visitors and comments. To everyone in the U.S.A. I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A good week to all! My Blog's URL is:
Anonymous said…
Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you'll stop by and say hello on this fabulous day! I'm also hosting a fabulous scrapbooking giveaway for all of my crafty friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Candice said…
Hi there! I'm Candice, blogging over at TeaTime Thoughts, a life and style blog :) I'd love to have you stop by and say hello! I've just finished up fashion week on the blog, so there's lots of fun style tips, outfit ideas and cute color combinations! Come say hello!
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Oooooh, sundays. Unfortunately it just turned monday for me here in Australia and I should probably go to bed for class in the morning. Blah. Haha.

But while it's still a wonderful sunday for you you should go check out my blog!

I'm originally from Wisconsin, USA and have been traveling and settling myself into the land down under. It's a great place to be and I make sure to blog all about it!
Natalie said…
Happy Comment Love Day! I'm Natalie, and I blog at My Blog Is Boring about life, love, and whatever random shiny thought happens to pop into my head. :) It's grey and dreary-looking here in Kentucky today; a perfect morning for catching up on my reading and meeting new blog friends.
Krystina said…
Hello everyone!! I hope you're all getting excited for Thanksgiving!!

I love some comment love!

I blog over at and it's all about me, a 20 something trying to find her way as a crafty, quirky, domestic goddess wannabe! All the while maintaining a full time job at Disney... gets crazy!

Can't to visit you all!!
michelle said…
Good morning! This is my first time at Comment Love Sunday...excited to find some new blogs and "meet" some new people:)
I blog at It's where I document my journey in becoming the modern housewife. I do a lot of DIY projects, but also post recipes, little tidbits about raising my toddler, parties I have designed, my pregnancy and pretty much anything else that goes on in our crazy house!
Come visit:)
Ixy said…
Hi everyone! I'm Ixy from Illusion and Comment Love Day is my favourite hop. I blog about whatever crosses my mind that day: pajama jeans, depression, gym hooligans, God, parrot porn, motherhood, and all funny and serious things in between.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Danielle said…
HI everyone - my name is Danielle and I blog @Mostly Food and Crafts. I am so happy to be here I am a huge fan of Comment Love Day. Stop by and say HI!
Samantha said…
Hi I'm the always caffeinated Samantha from Reinvented In Seattle. Pretty much I blog about karma, cupcakes, and travel. My biggest focus is learning to see the good in everyday life and have challenged myself to find 14,000 that make me happy.
Alex Butts said…
Hallo! I'm Alex, a Texan living in Germany as an au pair. Happy comment love!
Linda Jordan said…
I love comment love day! I always meet such great bloggers to follow & I love getting new readers on my blog as well!!

My name is Linda & I'm a 25-year-old law student living in NYC with my boyfriend. My blog is filled with scrapbooking, photography, art journaling and other crafts.

I'm off to visit some blogs & I hope I get lots of visits also...I've been feeling in a bloggy slump lately :(

Shane Prather said…
Happy Sunday everyone! I'm new to commment day but loving meeting new people through FTLOB's link-ups!

I'm Shane, a college girl just trying to find her way. As a finance major, I don't get many oppurtunities to be creative in my studies so I like using my blog as an inspirational outlet.

Can't wait to meet you :)
kerri said…
happy sunday everyone! i'm also new... :)

I blog over at Infertiles Laughing... Yep. An infertile couple trying to decide the best way for us to become a family... with a little humor and lots of love... LOL

hope to see you over there!
Krystal said…
I love Comment Love Sunday! :]
I hope that you stop my lil' ol' blog and enter my holiday card swap! It's so nice to get fun things in the mail! I'm going to try to visit as many new blogs as I can today! My blog is a hodgepodge of personal stories, shopping, sales and random rants! Happy Sunday!
hello,my name is sarah and i am new with can read my blogs at it tells about friendships,my kids and art.
Kate said…
Yay Comment Love Day! Can't wait to chat with you all!
Katty said…
Good Morning Pretties! I am Kem and live in Missouri. My blog is a lifestyle blog full of sweetness!

I am hosting a giveaway right now for a Deux Lux clutch, so make sure to stop by!
Sonya said…
Good (late) morning! I hope everyone has a good Sunday and finds a chance to stop by, even if they don't decide to leave a comment.
Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday morning!
Andrea said…
I LOVE Comment Love Day! Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday and a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Marian said…
Hi everyone! I'm new to this but I will try to check out as many blogs as I can! :)
Sweta said…
Happy Sunday lovelies!Let's pass around some love!
AmandaDF said…
Happy Sunday everyone! Come check out my blog-lots of Pinterest finds, some of my fiction writing and random rambling of whats going on in my life.
TriGirl said…
Oh, I love comment love day! I blog about my attempts to be athletic, mostly with drawings, at Tri-ing to be Athletic. Looking forward to meeting new people today!
Nicole said…
Goodmorning, everyone! It's been awhile since I took part in Comment Love, but I'm happy to be participating this weekend. Life has been super busy - and full of great things!
Brooke said…
I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday!

My name is Brooke! I blog at: & also run my own Etsy shop. {links available to my shop on the blog}

I like to talk a lot & I love to share the things I make with other people. Aside from my rambling, I post my favorite recipes as well as free crochet patterns [all with photos!] for anyone who wants to follow along & be crafty.

I can't wait to get to know you all! <3
Hello, everyone!

I'm Sarah, and I'm a writer and jewelry artist living in the Midwest. My blog features my jewelry designs, other artists who delight me, and my thoughts on doing what we love for a living.

Nice to meet you!
Lorna said…
Happy Sunday all,

I write about my life and take photos of coffee and other stuff I love.

Pour yourself a drink and come say hello! :)

Amber said…
Comments make me happy! :)
Ross said…
Happy Sunday everyone! Since joining FTLOB I've been able to meet so many different friends. This community truly does feel like family!
Kristin Noelle said…
Hello everyone! I'm Kristin from Kristin' Blog of Shenanigans. I am a college student from Rochester, New York! Please feel free to stop by my blog and check out some of the shenanigans I write about. My most recent entry: What Would Donna Martin Do? If you get the reference, you're on your way! ;-)

Kristin Bowman
Kourtney said…
Happy Sunday to you all! I'm Kourtney and I blog over at The Multi Faceted Experience: Just a wife and mother trying to do it all and keep my sanity!
Hope to see you there!

I love Comment Love Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! My blog is about life, travel, food and running! See you around! I can't wait to find new blogs!
Amanda said…
Love Comment Love Day! I blog over at I write about everything from teaching, my family and my sweet little puppy. Stop by and let me know what you think!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tonya here and my blog is an acquired taste for some but I'd like to think if you stick around you'll come to enjoy it? (question marking at the end was a must). :)

I love Comment Love Day. I've gotten to know some great people and some great blogs this way!

Where Have all the Hobos Gone?
Seeing beautiful in linking up with new blogs today!

Would love you to come play on see beautiful!
What a fabulous day! Mara and I blog together, documenting our crazy lives...and all the fun stuff we want to keep each other updated on! It's our own viral journal :)

Can't wait to visit some new blogs today, have a great Sunday!!

Caitlin @
Sar said…
Happy comment love day, friends! What a gorgeous Sunday!

I'm Sarah, from [life of love], and I write mostly about life, DIY crafts, easy peasy recipes, and loving everything.

Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
This is such a cool thing to do.
This is the first time of me seeing this, but it's a wonderful idea.

I'm Ariana from To Be Decisively Indecisive, I write mostly about my life, I tend to show my craft projects I'm working on and the progress of my fiance going into the Navy. He's going to be taking a practice ASVAB test tomorrow.

Happy Sunday every one! And 4 more days until Thanksgiving. =]
Jules8 said…
I'm Julie from Roving I. I write a lot about travel when I'm I'm not traveling. Hope you'll stop by! Have a great Sunday!
callie said…
happy sunday pretties! im callie from the blog my sunglasses see rockstars. come visit me! : )
Happy Sunday (and hopefully a short week!!) I just hit 100 followers on my blog and am trying to get back in the swing of things with blogging, I go to school full time and work full I need to find time to blog! Go check it out?
I love finding new blogs on comment sundays!!
kira said…
Oh, this is so fun! I just happened upon your blog and think this is a lovely idea!

My name is Kira, I'm an apparel designer who lives and works in Portland, OR. I have a 7 week old daughter named Pearl. She has taken over my blog a bit lately :)

Find me at Rain or Shine here:

Jewelsy said…
Thank you for comment love. I am Jewelsy from
where we chat about faith, beauty & joy! I love to visit others blogs! I get so inspired and lifted up in my spirit when I read encouraging posts! I love the upbeat energy of comment love.
Ashley said…
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I love Sundays since I always catch up on blog-reading :) Come visit me anytime... I love meeting new readers!
Laura said…
Hi, I'm Laura and I blog at Life with Laura. I blog about what I'm up to and my thoughts on whatever pops into my mind. I take lots of pictures, and sometimes a picture is what the post is all about. Most recently I've blogged about my trip to Nassau, Bahamas. I'd love for you to stop by :).
Hi everyone! I am Stephanie, Good Girl Gone Green! I blog about all things green. I live in Fort Worth, Tx and I love to uncook! :)
liz said…
i'm liz. i just posted some [more] thrifted stuff and my most recent successful baking attempts!
Ms Kate said…
I'm Ms Kate, I post on Mummybrain about all kinds of crap, usually just daily stuff of what my kids do, what I do, that kind of thing.
erinj0 said…
Hiii! I'm Erin :)
My blog really is an open book. I like to write about my life, experiences, and inspirations.

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I'm Jamie, 23, and I've been married to sweetest guy ever for 2 years, aaaand we have 2 crazy cute cats. I'm currently going to school to be a Special Education teacher and he works on computers.

Please feel free to come say hello! :)
Claire said…
Hi, I'm Claire. I'm blogging about my life at uni in Edinburgh and getting in the christmas mood.

Anonymous said…
I'm Amanda and I blog at Interpreted by Me. I just love sharing the comment love.
It was my birthday on Saturday so I posted a few pics of my fab weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up too. :)

bailey j said…
been away from the computer all day - cant wait to catch up on as many blogs as i can! happy commenting, ya'll. :)
becky said…
Hi...I'm Becky @

I'm a fairly new blogger and am learning so much from all you veterans. I love DIY and have done almost all of my home makeover projects myself. I love to figure out ways to do things on a that's what I share on my blog... as well as my crazy experiences and injuries along the way. I'm a bit sarcastic and don't take things too seriously.
I'd love to have you visit...comments are so important and help me improve and grow.
AubrieAnne said…
Hey everyone! I'm AubrieAnne from Who's Your Editor? ( Mostly, I talk about writing, good reads, and movies! Come check everything out if you're ever looking for a good discussion, reviews, new writings, etc.
AubrieAnne said…
I'm sorry Becky, but for some reason I can not view your profile and and the url you left is not taking me to your blog. I don't know how else to get a hold of you and leave a comment :(
Amy said…
I'm Amy and I blog at I just blog about whatever strikes my fancy, and I'm new to the site! Hi everybody!
Yippee, I love comment love day! Stop by and say hi and you wanna see my random thought, DIY crafts and recipes, and lots of pics of my adorable niece Elena baby. Happy Sunday:)
Vivian said…
Almost missed this Sunday of not joining you all in this fun blog hop. Happy Sunday to you all and happy rest of the week. Hope you come visit, I LOVE to meet new friends!
hi this is adam from london 32 years old . so i really like your post.
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